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SmartPoint Technologies is a software product development company that builds powerful and intuitive software solutions. Founded in 2010 with our headquarters in Chennai – the city known as “Detroit of India”, our company offers a diverse range of services and solutions to clients in over 30+ countries. Having accrued over 60,000+ customers all across the world, we have set up branch offices in Germany and Africa. We help our clients enhance the prospects of their businesses by exploring a multitude of software enhancement and development options in the IT arena.

We house over 200+ highly trained professionals who are immensely dedicated to driving projects to completion with the finest quality. With more than 12+ years of experience in software development and servicing, we are equipped with the latest technology to craft the most apt solutions for your business needs. Whether you’re a small-scale enterprise or a large-scale enterprise, by simply contacting us for a quick chat, we can help you unlock a whole new world of opportunities.


Our mission is to provide easy-to-use powerful software solutions to various industries. With a highly skilled team of professionals in our arsenal, we aim to help small and medium-scale businesses to grow and expand in every aspect. As soon as you share your ideas with us, we devote all of our efforts to craft the best technological solution for your business requirements.


Our vision is to garner recognition from a massive client base and become the go-to software company for all technology development and consulting solutions. We aspire to turn this vision into reality by providing the clients we service with 100% satisfaction. Even though we have a vast and varied client base, we cater our solutions to them with undivided attention and devotion. Our highly experienced team of designers and developers study client requirements extensively before whipping up a solution that will benefit their business needs in many ways.

Our Story

SmartPoint is a self-funded business that came into existence in 2010. We initially inscribed our trademark in the industry with 200+ software development and services experts. With the trust of our esteemed partners, we branched out from our primary location – Chennai to foreign countries like Africa in 2012. This enabled us to ramp up our services to offer our clients nothing but the absolute best software solutions.

After a brief successful period of serving clients across the world, their global support empowered us to establish a branch office in Germany in 2013. As a result, we acquired more resources to cater to an even larger number of customers. Today, we are a globally prominent software development company that has an extensive record of helping 60,000+ clients reach new and enhanced business heights.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

SmartPOS helps you efficiently track your expenses, profits, inventory and more. This enables you to quickly optimize your operations for higher rewards.

Our POS software has a unique feature known as offline billing. Whenever you have network issues, transactions are stored in the device and synced up to the cloud when the internet is working again.

Absolutely, the data obtained from business operations are regularly backed up to a cloud server. They are also secured by the latest safety protocols.

SmartPOS connects with barcode scanners, bluetooth printers, touch screens, cash drawers and more.

Yes it can, you can create promotional offers, discounts and customer loyalty rewards. With this feature, you can attract more customers to your business.

We offer comprehensive tutorial videos that teach you to use all the features of SmartPOS.

No, you can access SmartPOS on the go using compact portable devices such as bluetooth scanners, printers and mobile phone applications.

SmartPOS is compatible on all devices, be it desktop, smartphones or tablets.

We offer two subscription packages. With regular subscription, you can host your data on our cloud server. With an enterprise subscription, you can host your data on your own private cloud server.

Certainly. With elaborate reports about what items from your inventory are performing well, their longevity and more, you can optimize your business for enhanced returns.