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10 Best Ways To Increase Conversion Rates In Your Retail Store

Posted by: Amogh Balaji

Merely attracting customers to your store isn’t enough. They might inquire and browse, but what good is it if they keep leaving without making a purchase. That is a tell-tale sign that your store’s conversion rate is low. On the bright side, you can adopt a number of ways to boost conversions.

In this article, we go over the 10 best ways to enhance product sales in your store. Convert fleeting customers to buying prospects. Let’s get started.

How to increase retail store conversion rates

Reassess product placements

When customers enter your store, the first thing they’ll notice is the product arrangement. Whether they know what to buy or want to browse, they’ll want it to be an easy process. The quicker they can find things, the happier and more likely they will be to buy items from your store. To achieve that, arrange your products categorically. In addition to that, ensure the best-selling products are available at the front of the store.

Eliminate lengthy queues at the billing

Visible long lines at checkout counters are off-putting for customers. Some can even exit your store at the immediate sight of lengthy queues. Pile-ups at billing are often the cause of slow checkout processes. You can alleviate this situation by using a barcode-integrated POS system. Scanning product tags instead of ringing up product information manually speed up the checkout process.

Have an adequate workforce

Not having enough staff at hand impairs customer experience. In addition to staffing according to work shifts, staff according to customer traffic as well. A large influx of patrons is going to require more frequent cleaning and rearrangement of products. Ultimately, it improves your store’s conversion rates.

Request employees for feedback

Turning deaf ears to customers’ thoughts about your store covers up critical insights. By listening to your shoppers, you can learn what you need to tweak for increasing store conversion rates. Request feedback in the form of surveys with emoticons, smileys, and a comment section. Then, use that to optimize retail activities.

Run promotions

Running promotions on select products is a quick and effective method to improve conversion rates. By limiting the duration of the promotion to a few days, you can expect a surge in footfalls and sales. A good deal is something customers would never want to miss.

Incentivize customers

Customers have various options when it comes to what store they want to purchase products from. Besides seeking a quality shopping experience, customers also seek the best value for their money. You can beat the competition and accrue loyal customers in your store by offering incentives. They can be in the form of coupons, loyalty points, and exclusive memberships.

Offer multiple modes of payment

The mode in which a customer prefers paying for products differs from individual to individual. Today, there are payment options. Besides cash, there are mobile wallet payments, and credit/debit card payments. You can accept these forms of payment using a Point of Sale software application connected with a versatile POS terminal.

Train employees to greet and assist

How your employees interact with customers significantly impacts your conversion rates. The more friendly and welcoming your staff is, the more comfortable patrons will feel in your store. Train your workforce to greet customers and help patrons have a hassle-free shopping experience.

Have safety stock

Getting customers to purchase products is not the only challenge in improving conversion rates. Another challenge is customers wanting to purchase items but your store doesn’t have stock of them. That leads to a loss of sales. You can circumvent that problem by procuring safety stock.

Optimize operations using analytics

Finally, store analytics give you comprehensive details about what is working and what is not. Looking up customer satisfaction reports, inventory reports, and sales reports helps you optimize retail operations to improve conversion rates.

Summing up

All of the ten ways we discuss above require an effective tool to manage them. And a cloud-based POS software system is the best solution for the job. Get SmartPOS – the ultimate POS application. It allows you to map products in the store, accept multiple types of payment, manage employees, discounts, inventory, and more. Get in touch with us to learn more about SmartPOS. Take your operations to the next level today.

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