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5 Ideas To Boost Customer Loyalty In 2021

Posted by: Amogh Balaji
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5 Ideas To Boost Customer Loyalty In 2021

Having even a small number of loyal customers significantly boosts the profitability of your retail store. While you acquire new customers, it is vital to turn them into repeat customers.

Stimulating visitors to repeatedly shop at your store is easier said than done. On the bright side, Point of Sale software solutions allows you to effortlessly deploy great loyalty promotion programs. Let’s take a look at 5 ideas you can use to boost customer loyalty in 2021.

Exclusive memberships

Give your repeat customers a set of special shopping privileges that differentiates them from ordinary customers. It creates a sense of exclusivity and drives your regulars to make more repeat purchases. The exclusive membership can provide something as simple as early access to new product arrivals. By handing out such privileges, you will gain more loyal customers.

Purchase rewards

Recognizing and rewarding customers who purchase products at your store repeatedly builds customer loyalty. You can offer such customers a free gift or discount when the value of their purchases amounts to a particular number. Alternatively, you can also reward them on the basis of the number of times they’ve purchased items from your store.

Manually tracking customers’ purchases is prone to errors. On the other hand, POS systems can automatically keep an accurate track of them.

Incentivized referral programs

Encourage existing customers to be loyal to your store, and at the same time acquire new customers with referral programs. Customers naturally share brands they are happy with among friends and family members. And you can catalyze this behavior with an incentive. So each time a customer brings in a new set of customers, both parties will be rewarded. Consequently, your customer base grows.

Special occasion perks

On special occasions, customers deserve a special treat. Be it their birthdays, anniversary dates, or any other significant day – offer them a special discount or a freebie on those days. You will see your customers’ loyalty increase.

Personalizing a gift for your customers’ auspicious days is simple with a POS solution. It gives you gift suggestions based on customer purchase activity.

Partner programs

Besides deploying ideas to promote customer loyalty all on your own, you can share them. By partnering up with other highly reputed businesses, you can create shared promotions. This way, your partner business will encourage its customers to visit and purchase products from your store.

Boost customer loyalty with SmartPOS

SmartPOS is loaded with industry-leading features for enhancing customer loyalty. Get insights into what promotion programs customers are positively responding to, what products they purchase the most, and more. Keep an effective track of customer purchases so you can reward them at the right time. Get SmartPOS and amplify your profits. Contact us to know more.

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