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5 Major Functionalities To Look For In A Retail Billing Software

Posted by: Amogh Balaji
Retail billing software

5 Major Functionalities To Look For In A Retail Billing Software

Several innovations have taken place in the retail industry. Among many of them, Point of Sale software solutions is gaining the most traction. They make managing various core retail functions a simple and hassle-free task – including inventory management, customer management, accounting, sales, and marketing. Because POS solutions enable retail organizations to enhance productivity, ensure operational accuracy, and improve profits, more and more retail businesses are implementing this technology in their stores.

POS software solutions also help retail businesses adhere to the new safety norms induced by the pandemic. By incorporating it in your store, you can maintain social distancing and contactless services.

POS software systems enable you to make informed decisions, operate at incredible speeds and accuracy. But, before you choose one you must look for 5 major functionalities. Let’s take a look at what they are.

Streamlined functions

In order to efficiently run a retail store, a good management strategy that governs inventory, accounting, employees, returns and more is required. Overseeing these processes individually and manually can be time-consuming and can also open a lot of room for errors.

A well-equipped POS system on the other hand, centralizes multiple business operations and packages them into a single software. It gives you insights on customer buying trends, sales trajectory, budget utilization and more. You can also effectively track inventory and regulate operations at the click of a button.

Multiple payment modes

Customers find it convenient to pay for items with a payment mode they prefer. If your business doesn’t accept digital payments, then customers are forced to pay with cash or cards. To facilitate contactless payments, you need a POS software.

Choose a POS solution that has multiple payment modes. That includes cash, debit/credit card and digital wallet payments like Google Pay and Amazon Pay. This way, customers will be more satisfied and can avoid physical contact.

On-the-go billing

Reserving dedicated spaces for billing counters is fast fading. Retail stores are increasingly moving towards mobile billing solutions. When selecting a POS software to implement in your business, check if it comes with a smartphone application.

With a POS app, you can not only bill customers anywhere in the store, you can also manage your operations from anywhere at any time. In fact, you can also use the app as a barcode scanner to quickly add your customers’ items to the cart.

Inventory management

Effective management of inventory is crucial in retail stores. If your store doesn’t have what customers are looking for, then that will dampen your sales. POS solutions make managing inventory an effortless process.

A retail POS software can keep track of what is available in your inventory, where they are arranged, what items are low in quantity and more. It can also automatically send purchase requests to suppliers. POS software services are also capable of sending notifications and reminders pertaining to your inventory status.


It is expensive to print hard copies of receipts. Not to mention the need to constantly change ink cartridges and paper rolls. Maintaining paper receipts is difficult for customers as the print tends to fade out or it’s just easy to lose them.

With POS software, you can offer customers the option to receive e-receipts. You can either send it to them via SMS or Email.


POS software enables you to enhance operational efficiency and boost sales, provided you choose the right one. The more feature-rich your retail billing software is, the more you can do to improve the prospects of your business. Get SmartPOS, the best, secure, robust and reliable POS system from SmartPoint. Contact us to know more.

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