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5 Reasons To Complement Your Existing POS Technology With mPOS

Posted by: Amogh Balaji
5 Reasons To Complement Your Existing POS Technology With mPOS

The complexity of retail operations increases by the day. So is the competition in the industry. Retailers who adopt the latest technology run better, successful businesses. Those that don’t keep up with the latest trends fall behind in prospects. One indomitable technology in the retail segment is the Point of Sale software system. It is a must-have in every modern retail store today.

POS systems make managing daily retail activities easier for store owners and managers. The retail management tools streamline various processes like inventory management, customer management, accounts management, and more. In addition to simplifying management, POS systems also help ramp up retail activities. That results in higher customer footfalls, sales, and revenue.

While POS software solutions play a critical role in ensuring optimal operational efficiency in stores, you can further enhance store productivity with mobile POS. In this article, we give you five reasons to complement your existing POS tech with mPOS. Let’s get started.

What is the difference between traditional POS and mPOS?

Traditional POS software is designed for use on fixed desktops. It is a common solution that checkout counters in stores use. This type of POS integrates with a number of peripheral devices – including electronic cash drawers, barcode scanners, and printers. Although it improves retail functions, the traditional POS software has a few limitations. Immobility is one of them.

A mobile POS system for retail performs powerful functions like a traditional POS but with additional capabilities. Instead of having all retail data on a fixed desktop, the mobile POS is portable. This type of retail management solution is built for use on tablets and smartphone devices. Using a mobile POS on top of your traditional POS gives you additional operational flexibility and an edge over your competitors.

How mPOS solutions ramp up retail ROI

Portable billing

During peak hours, checkout queues tend to grow longer, move slower, and agitate customers. With a traditional POS, your customers can checkout at only one location. That is the billing counter. On the flip side, a mobile POS solution allows you to bill customers wherever they are in your store. By doing so, you can speed up transactions and enhance the overall customer experience.

Payments on delivery

Home delivery is an essential service many retail stores are offering customers. And it has great potential in boosting the prospects of retail businesses. While delivering goods to the doorsteps of your patrons, you can choose to accept other payment types besides cash. To process the alternate modes of payment, you will need a portable tool for it. A mobile POS fulfills that need.

Contactless payments

There is a lot of emphasis on reducing physical contact since the pandemic’s wake. It helps prevent the transmission of the virus – be it from the body to body or from surface to body. When it comes to paying for products, the exchange of cash can facilitate the transmission of bacteria and viruses.

A more hygienic way of completing transactions is through contactless payments. Mobile POS solutions accept Google and Apple Pay mobile wallet payments, enhancing the health safety of both your employees and customers.

Quick implementation

Mobile POS systems are as powerful as traditional POS solutions. And it takes a fraction of the time it takes to set up the latter type of POS. To get it up and running, all you would need to do is download the app on your smartphone or tablet and install it. Furthermore, there is no need for extensive training. All it requires is just a few swipes and taps.

Integration capabilities

No matter where you are, you can use the mobile POS solution to seamlessly conduct retail business. The POS can effortlessly integrate with powerful peripherals like barcode scanners, card payment terminals, and wireless printers via Bluetooth.

Summing up

Complementing your existing POS technology with an mPOS boosts operational efficiency and facilitates business continuity wherever you are. If you’re looking for a reliable and powerful mPOS, then get the best mobile retail Point of Sale solution from SmartPoint. We will walk you through our highly acclaimed retail management system called SmartPoint. Transform your business today.

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