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5 Reasons Why You Should Integrate Your Ecommerce Store With A POS Software

Posted by: Amogh Balaji
Great pos system with ecommerce integration

5 Reasons Why You Should Integrate Your Ecommerce Store With A POS Software

Customers are increasingly preferring to shop online instead of visiting brick and mortar stores, especially due to the ongoing pandemic. Whether you’re transitioning to ecommerce, or starting a brand new ecommerce store, you will need to implement a seamless strategy to offer uninterrupted services.

Unlike operating a physical store, wherein customers arrive in person to purchase products, ecommerce stores require a different set of management skills. They require monitoring and regulation of additional operations such as logistics, customer support, ebilling facilities and more. The most effective way to oversee and manage ecommerce businesses is to integrate them with a POS system. We’ll tell you why.

Inventory Synchronization

With every order your customer places, your store ships out items to the customer’s location. Following that, you have one or more lesser items in your inventory. This information needs to be updated. If not, you may find it difficult to fulfill customer orders. POS software solutions automate this task. With every item sold, they automatically change the quantity of products in your inventory, giving you updated stock numbers in real-time.

Synchronize Shipping Information

An essential aspect of shipping products to customers is keeping them informed about dispatch status, package location, Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) and more. A point of sale software will help synchronize and convey logistics information to customers. It does this automatically by the use of RFID and NFC technology.

Cut down on Costs

Integrating a POS software with your ecommerce store helps you minimize labor. You can leave monotonous tasks such as data entry to the software and direct your employees to other important work. Once the POS software is configured, it can automatically send notifications, emails, receipts and more to customers. At the same time, it collects essential logistics, purchase and communication data.

Accurate Operations

Sending the wrong item to a customer can be frustrating. You would have to initiate refunds and replacements which will incur more business costs and time. However, with a POS system, you can eliminate such errors. From when your customer places an order till the item is packed and shipped, the information is consistent and reliable. This results in better productivity, speed and overall workflow efficiency.

Customer Feedback

What your customers have to say about your business can greatly help you sculpt your operations for better ROI. With a POS software solution, you can create engaging surveys, and ask customers for their feedback after an order delivery is complete. The software then collects and portrays all of this information in the form of easily interpretable charts. These reports will give you key metrics and insights into what you can improve about your business.


Running an ecommerce store requires the supervision and management of several individual operations. Implementing a separate application for each purpose can stifle synchronization of data. SmartPOS is a world-class point of sale software that packages essential ecommerce management functions into one application. Get a live demo. Take your business to the next level, contact us today.

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