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5 Tips To Efficiently Manage Your Retail Store’s Employees

Posted by: Amogh Balaji
A POS system helps efficiently manage your retail store’s employees

5 Tips To Efficiently Manage Your Retail Store’s Employees

Managing employees with paper-based and spreadsheet tools are fast declining and for the right reasons. They are laborious to use. Instead, you can automate the management of your store’s employees with a Point of Sale software solution.

Employees are your retail store’s most valuable assets. Their responsibilities ensure that your business is up and running. From stocking your inventory to assisting customers and billing them, you need a sufficient number of staff members to oversee those tasks.

As a retailer or a manager, there are several aspects of employees that require monitoring. Keeping a tab on them helps make sure your staff is being resourceful. If not, you can always schedule improvement training. The first step to managing your employees is tracking their activities and requests in a non-intrusive way.

Hiring a staff supervisor raises business expenditure. And having one always keep an eye on employees can make staff feel uncomfortable. A POS solution eliminates all of these hassles and challenges. It contains the features to track and monitor employees efficiently. The software also allows you to regulate employee responsibilities. Let’s take a look at how.

Here are five tips to efficiently manage your employees using a POS solution.

How POS software helps manage store employees

Oversee employee activities

You no longer need to monitor employee activities manually. POS solutions are capable of autonomously keeping a check on when your employees enter and exit your store. The POS records the time at which employees log in and out of the system. As a result, you will have an accurate daily report of your employee’s activities. With this information, you can learn which employees carry out their responsibilities dutifully, and which ones do not.

Track productivity

Employees that take too many breaks or simply don’t work enough are detrimental to the prospects of your store. You can keep an eye on and prevent such circumstances from happening with a POS software solution. It automatically calculates the productive, break, and idle time of your employees. This feature also makes it easy to calculate overtime pay.

Schedule work hours

Assigning or rescheduling the work hours of employees can be a daunting task. So is managing leave requests. Even in this regard, POS systems help maintain balance in your store. They independently analyze if leaves will impact store productivity and if rescheduling work hours will cause over or understaffing. Based on these reasons, they can automatically approve and reschedule leaves in an instant.

Improve accountability

Not all employees work at the same efficiency. Some may require assistance to improve their productivity. Those that need help are also prone to causing mistakes in the store. Point of Sale systems help identify such employees by holding each employee accountable for their actions. For each task carried out by an employee, the software records information such as who executed it and at what time.

Reward top performers

The best way to encourage employees to keep up their exceptional efforts in the store is to reward them. It helps promote healthy competition and inspires other employees to strive for the same reward. Point of Sale software gives you insights on which employees make the highest sales, spend the most hours working, and have been most punctual. It makes it easy for you to pick and reward top-performing employees.

Outcomes of using a POS to manage employees

By using a POS to manage employees, you save a lot of time and money. Your store will not need a dedicated employee supervisor. The software will track and keep a comprehensive log of what your staff does in your store daily.

Receiving employee leave requests via emails or handwritten letters can be time-consuming to go through. Furthermore, figuring out the leave schedules of other employees to grand leave requests can be complicated. That’s not the case when you have a POS solution. It gives employees an option to request leaves or work shift changes within the application itself. What’s more, is that the software is capable of auto-managing leave and work shift change requests.

In the end, you can rest assured that your workforce is doing its duty efficiently. And with that under control, you can spend more time focusing on improving and innovating retail operations for higher returns.

Summing up

If you’re using manual methods to supervise your staff members, it’s high time to use technology for the job. At SmartPoint, we offer world-class POS solutions that suit your business requirements. Depending on how many users you want to have in the software, the scale of your industry, and more, our application is available in various pricing plans.

Effortlessly manage your retail store’s employees with our POS software called SmartPOS. It is loaded with the latest features to manage employees. Beyond that, you can manage sales, inventory, marketing, customers, promotions, and more. Contact us to get a live demo of SmartPOS today.

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