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5 Ways Omnichannel POS Improves Customer Journey

Posted by: Amogh Balaji
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Present-day shoppers have a plethora of choices when it comes to how they want to purchase a product. They can buy items online and offline. More often than not, customers begin their shopping journey on one sales channel and switch over to another. If the transition between those is not seamless, it negatively impacts the customer journey.

There is an increasing need for retail businesses to close the gap between online and offline shopping. Allowing customers to switch between interacting with brands online and then procuring the products from brick-and-mortar stores enhances the customer experience. It is known as omnichannel retail. 

Implementing omnichannel retail practices in your business requires you to be present on multiple sales channels – online and offline. Then, you will need to tie those channels into a single, centralized system from which you can track and manage retail activities. The best application for that is an omnichannel POS. 

In this article, we dive into how omnichannel retail boosts the customer experience. Then, we discuss the five ways an omnichannel POS improves the customer journey. Let’s get started.

How omnichannel retail improves customer experience 

Giving customers the flexibility to purchase goods across multiple sales channels seamlessly enhances the customer journey in many ways.

  • Reach new customer demographics – Making your products available online and offline suits the purchase habits of a spectrum of customers.
  • Increase in sales – Omnichannel sales offer customers a consistent shopping experience across multiple channels, accelerating sales.
  • Seamless shopping experience – Customers browsing on one device can complete their purchase on another device without any friction.

Why use an omnichannel POS in your retail business?

An omnichannel Point of Sale software functions as a central hub. It gathers information about sales, manages purchases, returns, inventory, and more. Let’s discuss the five ways it is critical to improving the customer journey.

Inventory transparency

After adopting the omnichannel retail strategy, customers may purchase your products via social media, eCommerce websites, brick-and-mortar stores, and more. Updating your inventory count every time a sale occurs in those channels is crucial. Only then will you and customers have an accurate count of what is available and what is not. An omnichannel POS system updates those autonomously, functioning as an automated inventory management system. 

Accept multiple payments

While customers browse your goods online and offline, they also require a convenient payment method. Shoppers may want to complete transactions by cash, credit/debit card, mobile wallet payments, or cheque. Not having the facility to accept these payment types can take a toll on the customer journey. 

Omnichannel POS systems come with multiple payment gateway integrations. Using them, you can seamlessly accept payments across channels and synchronize them to customer accounts.

Cross-platform sales

Customers may choose to complete a purchase online and opt to pick up the item from your store. An alternate scenario is them adding an item to their online carts and then wanting to access it at your physical store. The best way to facilitate these transitions for your shoppers is by using an omnichannel POS application. 

The software records every activity customers perform in real-time. So even when customers switch sales channels, they can easily pick up where they left off.

Flexible returns and refunds

Product returns and refund requests are inevitable. How swiftly and conveniently you process them impacts customer sentiments towards your business. Omnichannel POS systems let you initiate and complete returns, exchanges, and refunds cohesively. With the software, you can complete returns and refunds regardless of how your customers purchased your products. 

The POS software solution lets you issue cash refunds or discount coupons. And as soon as you receive a return, the inventory updates stock numbers automatically.

Optimize retail operations

Omnichannel POS systems collect data from all your sales channels. The software applications log every sale, return, refund, and more. The data is then consolidated and processed into insightful reports. They reveal what products are best-selling, what promotions customers interact with the most, etc. That information helps you optimize your retail operations for higher returns on investments.

Summing up

Implementing omnichannel sales in your retail business is pivotal to thriving in today’s market. Customers are increasingly using multiple devices and sales channels to purchase products, and by having your presence everywhere, you can increase your sales. To manage your omnichannel business, you need a world-class POS system. Get SmartPOS. It is cloud-based, feature-rich, and highly secure. Reach out to us to know more.

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