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5 Ways POS Software Solutions Help Manage Store Staff

Posted by: Amogh Balaji
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5 Ways POS Software Solutions Help Manage Store Staff

POS systems are immensely popular for their ability to drive up sales. Today, they harbor many features that allow them to perform a wide range of additional functionalities. One prominent feature that we are going to discuss is the employee management feature. Using it, you can efficiently manage all of your store’s staff members. Let’s take a look at it more in detail.

Track time

The hours that your staff members put into your store is of crucial importance. It declares how productive they are, and determines how much pay they should receive. POS systems prompt users to sign in when they want to use the machine. And in that way, it records the time at which employees commence work.

At the end of the day, users will have to sign out of the system. While this time is tracked automatically, you can also link it to a payroll system. So the salary for staff members is automatically dispersed according to the number of hours they clock in.

Schedule work

A cumbersome task of employee management is scheduling shift hours, tasks and granting leaves. With a POS solution, you get a comprehensive view of what employees are performing what task.

In addition to that, you have complete control over rescheduling work shifts and assigning new tasks. Employees who want to request leaves can do so by applying for them in the POS system. Thereafter, you can easily choose to accept or reject them via the software.

Review employee activity

Employee management is not all about monitoring employees. It’s also about commending the top performers. A POS software solution gives you detailed insights into the number of sales your employees have made, the quality of their attendance, and how much time they’ve put in at your store.

On viewing this information you will have a clear idea of who your best-performing employees are. Then, you can reward them with morale-boosting incentives.

Engage customers

With a POS solution, employees who take care of billing are no longer restricted to billing counter sites. They can freely move around the store and help customers checkout anywhere in the store. This is possible because of mobile POS solutions. By simply installing the software on smartphones, employees will have all the features of a desktop retail billing software in their pockets.

Boost accountability

It can be difficult to identify which of your employees are performing well and which ones are not. POS systems boost accountability by tracking which employees made what sales and what tasks they attended to. This helps optimize employee performance and in turn boost retail operations.

Summing up

Your employees are important drivers of sales revenue. The more efficiently they work, the more returns on investments you will get. SmartPOS is a cutting-edge POS software solution that can manage all aspects of your store’s staff. It is also cloud-based and can accept transactions even when your network is down. Get a live demo of how SmartPOS works by contacting us today.

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