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5 Ways To Improve Sustainability In Your Retail Store

Posted by: Amogh Balaji

Climate change is a top global concern. Businesses across various industries are taking up special initiatives to minimize energy consumption and other factors that harm the environment. It is imperative they do so. Because as more people are becoming aware of the situation, they are boycotting purchasing from businesses that don’t care about the environment. The same applies to retail stores.

Retail stores are aggressively working on reducing their carbon footprints. It influences customer purchase decisions. Green retail businesses enjoy more customers than those that don’t have any opinion on the environment. How sustainable is your retail business? We discuss five ways to improve sustainability in your retail store.

Cut down the user of paper

Minimizing paper usage in your store goes a long way in improving sustainability. The lesser paper you use, the lesser trees need to be cut. Instead of using booklets and books, switch to a digital system like a Point of Sale software application.

The software lets you manage your retail operations from a single digital location. Furthermore, it allows you to send electronic receipts via SMS, e-mail, and in-app notifications. That further decreases paper usage. Not only does using a POS system save paper, but it is also the most effective way to oversee store activities.

Swap facility equipment

Different facility equipment consumes varying energy levels. Look for utilities that require high power levels to function. Replace them with more energy-efficient ones. Take, for example, lights. Conventional CFL and incandescent bulbs consume immense power and have a short life span. That is detrimental to the environment. Swap them for LED light bulbs.

When it comes to larger electronic appliances, purchase those that have an ENERGY STAR certification. They require lesser power to run.

Use recyclable packaging

Packaging is an inevitable expense in retail stores. Whether you’re delivering products to the doorsteps of customers, or handing over products at the checkout counter, you need bags and containers. Plastic is highly hazardous to the environment. And plastic packaging is a significant reason for plastic pollution today. Swap the plastic for eco-friendly bags and containers.

Publicize your commitment to sustainability

Undertaking sustainable efforts isn’t enough to make an impact on your customers. You need to publicize your standing on the environment. Communicate how your retail store uses sustainable techniques to run daily operations. You can do this via content marketing such as blogs, articles, and newsletters. Another effective way is to print a message on your invoice that says your brand is committed to green practices. With a cloud-based POS software solution, you can swiftly customize your invoices to display the sustainability message.

Avoid false marketing

Announcing your pledge to go green makes your business appear more reputable. Because of your initiative to improve sustainability, you are highly likely to gain more customers. That said, many retailers exploit this fact to their advantage. Viewing sustainability as a trend and not a long-term plan can cause problems in the long run. To avoid false marketing, ensure your business advertisements are true. Furthermore, make sure product labels convey the exact information. False marketing tarnishes brand reputation and can even attract lawsuits.

Advantages of improving sustainability in your business

Taking measures to boost sustainability in your store has several advantages. They include:

  • Improvement in brand image
  • A competitive advantage against other businesses
  • Reduction in operational costs
  • A boost in productivity
  • Effective compliance with regulations
  • Your business appears attractive to investors
  • Reduction in waste

Summing up

Old-fashioned retail operations are the leading causes of poor environmental conditions. Retail stores cannot operate the same way today. Even if they do, customers will prefer them the least behind stores that care about the environment. To thrive in today’s market and slay the competition, your business needs a top-notch brand reputation.

Becoming sustainable improves how your customers look at you significantly. Besides improving sales, sustainability also helps your business in reducing wastage and attracting investors. To best manage your sustainable store, you need an efficient management tool. We recommend SmartPOS – the ultimate POS system. It is fast, feature-packed, and cloud-based. Reach out to us to know more.

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