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5 Ways To Speed Up The Checkout Process With A POS System

Posted by: Amogh Balaji

A customer’s shopping journey in your store has many phases. Key points include the first things shoppers see when they enter your premises, store navigation, and interaction with shelves. One critical phase that we will go over in this article is the checkout phase. Even if customers have a stellar in-store experience, how efficiently they checkout can influence their perspective of your business.

Customers who purchase products at stores only to notice long queues experience frustration. Exhaustive lines at the checkout counter that move at snail’s speeds mean shoppers will have to invest a considerable amount of time just for billing. And consequently, it hampers business perception and future prospects.

If you have an advanced POS system, speeding up the checkout process is a walk in the park. In this article, we walk you through how you can shorten checkout lines and leave a bigger smile on customers’ faces. Here are five ways. Let’s get started.

Benefits of a fast checkout system

Boosting the checkout speed in your store is essential for several reasons. Let’s take a look at what they are.

  • Higher customer satisfaction – The quicker customers can purchase goods and exit your store, the more satisfied they will be. That will drive them to recommend your store to friends and family members.
  • Customer retention – Providing shoppers with an exceptional checkout experience encourages them to visit and shop at your store again.
  • Increase in sales – Improvement in customer satisfaction and loyalty translates to a higher number of footfalls and, in turn, a boost in sales.

Speeding up checkout with a POS solution

Achieving the benefits of a fast checkout system is straightforward with a Point of Sale software application. We dive into the five ways.

Integrate barcode scanners

Manually looking up product details and then adding them to a customer’s invoice is taxing. It is both slow and prone to a range of human-made errors. On the flip side, you can eliminate those hassles by integrating your POS with a barcode scanner. So all you have to do to ring up products from customers’ carts is scan the tag on the product.

Integrate payment terminal with POS system

Your POS system should encompass all your retail operations, including payments. You can speed up the payment process and eliminate errors by integrating your payment terminal with your POS system. It allows your POS software to communicate with the payment terminal. So the software conveys the amount of money the customers need to pay.

Accept multiple types of payments

Currently, customers can pay for goods and services in various ways. Cash is no longer the only payment mode. With the facility to process payment types like mobile wallets and debit/credit cards, you can speed up the checkout process. Implementing this facility in your store will require you to set up payment gateways and purchase terminals that process EMV chip cards and NFC.

Ensure adequate staff

The lack of employees in your store escalates the time it takes for customers to checkout. Ensuring sufficient staff on your premises requires proper employee management. POS systems simplify this process. The software lets you review leave requests and work shifts. It also gives you the tools to approve/decline and change employee work times.

Send electronic receipts

Printing paper receipts has several problems associated with it. The exhaustion of paper is detrimental to the environment, it takes up ink, and jams cause delays. Ultimately, these problems slow down the checkout process. With a POS solution, you can circumvent those issues by sending electronic receipts to customers. You can send it via SMS and e-mail.

Summing up

Not all POS systems can efficiently improve checkout process speeds. If you have an outdated POS software, then it’s time to upgrade. Get SmartPOS – the ultimate cloud-based POS software for all types of retailers. It integrates with a wide range of essentnial devices and has powerful features for effective retail management. Reach out to us for a live demo today.

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