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6 Reasons To Run Your Retail Store Using An iPad POS System

Posted by: Amogh Balaji
6 Reasons To Run Your Retail Store Using An iPad POS System

POS systems are transforming the retail industry at a steady pace. They reduce the complexity of managing retail activities and enable stores to reach maximum potential. The most common POS solutions retailers use is the on-premise POS system. This system offers a set of advantages to run stores efficiently. Nevertheless, modern retailers need more advanced and empowering technology to keep up with the latest commerce trends.

Rapidly evolving technology has made it possible for entrepreneurs and managers to turn iPads into full-featured POS systems. By a simple download of an application on the Apple device, retailers can manage a wide range of operations with a few swipes and taps. Whether you’re upgrading your POS system or investing in a POS solution for the first time, the iPad POS is a fantastic choice.

iPad POS software offers many advantages for managing a store compared to traditional systems. If you’re still on the fence about buying one, then we’ll clear up any confusion for you. In this article, we discuss the 6 reasons to run your retail store using an iPad POS system. Let’s get started.

Caveats of traditional POS software

Traditional POS software has a number of limitations. They are leading causes for their decline in demand. iPad POS applications are fast replacing this type of POS.

Expensive costs

The initial cost of purchasing an on-premise POS system is exorbitantly high. Multiple billing counters will require multiple POS terminals, which multiplies the cost. Furthermore, the maintenance of this system is tedious and costly as well.

Complicated to use

Traditional POS solutions feature outdated modules. Their user interface is cluttered, making using it for first-timers a hassle. As the software requires training, that adds to operational expenses.

On-premise use only

Retailers cannot access the software from a remote location. Any retail management task they want to carry out will require them to use the systems on-premises.

Why run your retail store using an iPad POS?

The benefits that iPad POS solutions offer far outweigh the advantages traditional solutions provide. We explain why the iPad POS is the best investment to run your retail store with.


Unlike the expensive purchase and installation costs of traditional POS systems, the iPad POS is far less costly. Once you buy the software from a vendor, you would rarely require assistance setting it up. For a mere investment of about $400, you will have a feature-loaded POS system that seamlessly runs on any of Apple’s iPads.

Data synchronization

Most iPad POS applications operate over the cloud. The software is hosted on your vendor’s server giving you advantages such as:

  • Remote access to the software
  • Automatic, free software updates
  • Top-notch cloud security
  • Integrations with eCommerce and third-party apps

In addition to all of those, the iPad POS syncs and displays all the latest developments in your retail store in real-time.

Ease of use

iPad POS solutions are carefully tailored to run on this line of Apple devices smoothly. The software sports a minimalistic, easy-to-understand user interface that you can easily navigate around using the device’s touch screen. With its easy usability, you can perform managerial operations quickly.


The iPad is a highly portable device. By installing a reliable POS system on it, you essentially have a whole POS solution you can take with you wherever you go. Integrating the device with barcode scanners, card readers, and wireless printers expands the software’s functionalities.

Cutting-edge features

All pivotal retail management features are incorporated in an iPad POS retail solution. They are akin to the modules traditional POS systems offer, but with a new, better, easier to use design. Features the iPad POS contains include inventory management, customer management, employee management, accounts management, and reports generation.

Higher customer satisfaction

Finally, the portability of the iPad allows you to bill customers anywhere in your store. It eliminates long queues at the billing counter. Furthermore, the software provides insights into what customers are highly likely to purchase with product recommendations. Using this feature, you can upsell goods and services.

Summing up

The iPad POS is a powerful retail management solution you can use in the palm of your hand. It is portable, packed with features, can integrate with a wide range of peripheral devices, and syncs to the latest data. If you’re looking to purchase one, then get SmartPOS – the best Point of Sale system for iPads. Reach out to us to know more.

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