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7 Benefits Of An Electronic Shelf Labeling System

Posted by: Amogh Balaji

Retail stores constantly strive to outdo their competitors by offering exceptional customer experience, boosting sales, and optimizing retail operations. There are various technologies enabling retailers to grow and expand effectively. In this article, we talk about the new retail possibilities electronic shelf labeling systems are unlocking. We go over what they are and the kind of benefits they deliver. Let’s get started.

What is an electronic shelf labeling system?

Electronic shelf labels are systems that display product prices digitally. They are connected to a POS software solution, from which retailers can change the cost of products. The ESL system updates product prices in real-time as soon as retailers make the modification. This pricing system is especially useful for grocery stores, department stores, and hypermarkets. There are various advantages retailers benefit from by investing in this type of technology.

Why invest in an electronic shelf labeling system

1. Real-time display

Displaying product prices on shelves is critical for customers to know how much products cost. Managing this vital aspect of retail management can be challenging using paper. Whereas with an electronic shelf labeling system, retailers can remotely update costs. And the electronic displays, depending on their type, can improve compliance with the rules for displaying product prices.

2. Standardization

Electronic shelf labeling systems are cloud-powered. Retailers can modify pricing information and send it across multiple stores. It takes just a second for the new prices to reflect on shelves. As a result, product prices are uniform, leaving no room for cost-related discrepancies.

3. Elimination of errors

Displaying product prices using paper opens up room for oversights. In the process, retailers may forget to adopt certain prices. During billing, disparities in the cost of products can hamper customer satisfaction, and damage the store’s reputation. Using an ESL, retailers can update the cost of products across multiple shelves at the click of a button. It prevents manual manipulation of prices by employees and errors.

4. Effective inventory management

Running out of inventory spells disaster for retail stores. It makes customers lose faith in such retail businesses and directs them to other competitors. Electronic shelf labeling systems help tackle this problem. The shelves display the stock quantity to customers. And when the shelves run low on items, employees can geolocate them using a Point of Sale software application.

5. Higher customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a top priority in retail stores. The better the shopping experience customers have, the more likely they are to visit again. Hindrances in knowing the price of products hamper customer satisfaction. It prompts them to reach out to a staff member to know the price. That’s not the case with an ESL system. It displays critical product information that customers want to know.

6. Promotions display

Running a promotion is an effective tactic to attract customers to purchase more. Promotions deliver the best results when they are properly visible to customers. Electronic shelf labeling systems help accomplish that. Along with the product prices, ESL systems can also display offers. Retailers can manage the promotions on display using a POS system.

7. Centralized control

Electronic shelf labeling systems give retail store owners and managers remote control over product prices. That means retail administrators can modify product costs from any location at any time. Changing the prices from a single location will reflect on shelves immediately.


If enhancing price accuracy, minimizing labor, and improving profits is your retail business’s goal, then purchase an electronic shelf labeling system. It benefits both you and your customers. With the ESL system, you will also need a cloud-based POS software solution. Purchase SmartPOS – our leading Point of Sale product. It is loaded with the latest features and is completely secure. Reach out to us to book a demo session today.

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