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Effectively Handle Distribution Operations With An ERP Billing Software Application

Posted by: Amogh Balaji
An illustration of the different metrics Point of Sale software apps can analyze

Successful distribution systems are critical for businesses to run efficiently. Hiccups in distribution pipelines hinder the growth of retail stores as they depend on a regular supply and replenishment of inventory.

There are many processes that occur between the dispatch of goods from distributors to the time stores receive them. There’s warehousing, packaging, materials handling, logistics, and more. It is the responsibility of distributors to ensure that all of these processes go on seamlessly.

Manual management tools make handling distribution operations a daunting task. That is especially the case if the distribution channels are extensive and complex. On the flip side, using an ERP billing software application/distribution POS software makes it far more manageable. So in this article, we discuss why your distribution operations require an ERB billing application.

What is distributor billing?

On accepting order requests from retail stores, distributors generate an invoice against the purchase of items. When retail stores receive this invoice, it is known as a distributor bill. The document contains information such as the transaction’s date, time, price, and total sum. The price includes a breakdown of packaging charges, handling charges, and logistics charges.

Different distributors accept different modes of payments against the invoices they produce. Cash was once upon a time the most used payment mode. Today, debit/credit card and mobile wallet payments are widely popular. Restricting payments to only cash is highly likely to cause inconvenience. That said, It is vital for distributors to be flexible in what type of payments they accept.

While you may take utmost care when preparing distribution invoices, manually drafting them opens up a lot of room for errors. Spreadsheet software and paper-based methods are two examples of manual billing methods. The smallest discrepancy in pricing or calculations can have a negative impact on the total sum of the bill. Consequently, this mistake can jeopardize your credibility and relationships with customers.

On the bright side, you can overcome the challenges of generating distribution invoices for retail stores by using an ERP billing software application/distribution wholesale POS software app.

What is ERP billing software?

ERP billing software is a one-stop-shop application for managing all the resources of an organization. Resources include ideation, production, marketing, sales, inventory, planning, and accounting. The software provides tools that allow distributors to manage all these operations from a single location. It gets rid of operational silos and streamlines workflows.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) billing application is a must-have in any organization today, let alone distribution companies. It helps automate crucial business processes and takes the guesswork out of the workflow. The integration of multiple business divisions into a single location makes managing all of them a simple task. At the same time, the software allows different business departments to seamlessly collaborate with each other. Be it in terms of text messaging, document sharing, comments, or video calls.

There are many types of ERPs in the market. Not all of them are the same in terms of features and functionality. When you purchase an ERP for billing and managing your business resources, it is crucial to look for the following capabilities:

  • Cloud connectivity
  • User-friendliness
  • Fast performance
  • Post-installation support
  • Industry-leading features

How ERP billing software handles distribution operations

Among many features like sales order management and warehouse management, the financial management feature in ERP applications deals with billing. It gives you a plethora of modules for forecasting budgets, managing payrolls, and more. Most importantly, it automates receiving and processing order requests. After that, the software automatically generates an invoice against the purchase.

Correspondingly, the ERP billing software creates the packaging and dispatch processes for your personnel. All of the activities the software conducts are stored as logs in the backend. You can view them at any time for future reference.


So if you’re looking to enhance your distribution operations, it is a good idea to invest in an ERP billing software application. Besides saving you a lot of money, it also cuts down the time it takes to process and execute business activities. Get SmartPOS, the ultimate distribution management software/wholesale billing software for distributors. It is fast, loaded with features, cloud-enabled, and is highly secure. Get in touch with us to know more about SmartPOS.

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