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SmartPOS > Blogs > Business > Grocery, Supermarket, or Hypermarket POS Software: Which Solution Is Apt For Your Business?
SmartPOS > Blogs > Business > Grocery, Supermarket, or Hypermarket POS Software: Which Solution Is Apt For Your Business?

Grocery, Supermarket, or Hypermarket POS Software: Which Solution Is Apt For Your Business?

Posted by: Amogh Balaji
Hypermarket POS Software

Whether you’ve been running your store without labeling it correctly or starting a new venture, there are several characteristics that specify the category of your store. Most notably, the type of goods you sell determines your store type. Calling your store by the incorrect term can adversely impact your sales as customers may not find the items they seek. 

The terms grocery, supermarket, and hypermarket get used interchangeably. While all these three store types share some products in common, they differ from each other in many ways. Defining a business type is essential for employing the right retail management strategies. In addition to that, it also helps pick out the right software solution. So which solution should you choose? Grocery, supermarket, or hypermarket POS software? 

In this article, we elaborate on the differences between grocery, supermarket, and hypermarket stores. Then, we discuss what solution fits your business best. Let’s get started.

What is the difference between the three store types?

Narrowing down on the right retail solution isn’t as straightforward as equating supermarket POS software for supermarkets. We take a closer look at what sets the three store types apart from each other.

Grocery stores

Grocery stores and supermarkets are often confused as the same. It goes without saying that they are not. Grocery stores sell grocery items. Products in that category include vegetables, fruits, meat, and beverages. These stores exist almost everywhere as they provide the necessities for livelihood – food and drinks. An example of a grocery store is Fresh2day.

Supermarket stores

Supermarkets are an upgradation of grocery stores. While supermarkets have the same vegetables, fruits, meat, and beverages, they take it further by having processed foods and personal care products in their inventories. These stores cater to an audience that wants to find the mentioned items in a single location. Reliance Smart is an example of a supermarket store. 

Hypermarket stores

The size of a hypermarket’s inventory is larger than a grocery and supermarket store combined. In addition to the basic necessities like food and beverage – add to that personal care products – hypermarkets sell appliances and clothing. This type of store is apt for customers who want to browse and shop for a wide range of products in the same place. An example of a hypermarket is SPAR.

The apt POS solution for your business

Now, you may wonder if you should purchase a grocery POS software solution because you run a grocery store. The answer to that is not necessarily. All three store types – grocery, supermarket, and hypermarkets perform the same daily operations. That includes:

  • Inventory management
  • Employee management
  • Customer management
  • Sales management
  • Promotions management
  • Refunds and returns management
  • Supply chain management

Advanced POS solutions accommodate all of the above-mentioned features. A good deciding factor for which POS system you ought to invest in is to look for what features it contains. Some POS applications may be specifically designed for a specific type of store.

Summing up

Regardless of what store type you operate, effective management of daily operations is critical. For that, you need the right type of retail management application. The best solution is a POS solution with the right features. Are you looking for a world-class retail management application that you can use for any type of store? Be it grocery, supermarket, or hypermarket. Then get SmartPOS today.

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