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SmartPOS > Blogs > Business > How A QR Code POS System Benefits Your Supermarket Business
SmartPOS > Blogs > Business > How A QR Code POS System Benefits Your Supermarket Business

How A QR Code POS System Benefits Your Supermarket Business

Posted by: Amogh Balaji
QR code POS system

The advent of smartphone applications has transformed the way consumers purchase products and hire services. As eCommerce apps continue to flourish, shoppers increasingly find buying items from mobile phones convenient. The digitalization of the retail industry isn’t happening in eCommerce alone. Brick and mortar stores are digitalizing as well. They are bridging the gap between offline and online worlds with various smartphone-friendly technologies. QR code is one of them.

Delivering outstanding shopping experiences to customers at brick and mortar stores is crucial for success. And implementing next-generation features in the store helps. QR codes are fast becoming a must-have in retail, especially supermarket businesses. To make the best use of them, a QR code POS system is the most effective solution. 

In this article, we go over what QR codes are, how it is useful for consumers, and how it is beneficial for your supermarket business. Let’s get started.

What are QR codes?

A QR code is a type of barcode that makes it easy for customers to connect to their favorite brands and retailers through their smartphones. It is made up of black squares and dots. Each of those dots contains various types of information. To the human eye, the QR code makes no sense. But when the QR code is scanned using a smartphone or a tablet, algorithms translate the code into human-readable data.

There are many types of QR codes – over 40 different versions. The most commonly used QR codes in retail stores are versions 1 to 7.

Benefits of QR codes for customers

Before diving into how a QR code POS system accelerates your business prospects, let’s discuss how QR codes benefit customers.

Contactless payments

Customers circumvent physical contact with your payment terminals when they make payments via QR codes. By using a payment app of their choice, shoppers can scan the QR code from either your terminal or a display board from a few feet away. The payment is contactless and maintains good hygiene.

Product details

Traditionally, supermarkets have a display card under, above, or beside products with relevant information. They take up space and can display only a limited amount of data. Instead of display cards, printing and pasting QR codes alongside products allows customers to scan them and get complete product details.

Discounts and coupons

Shoppers can acquire discounts and coupon codes by scanning QR codes. Displaying them in creative ways enhances the shopping experience as well as the number of scans.

Benefits of QR code POS system for your business


QR code POS system integration allows you to generate unlimited static QR codes for various purposes. It eliminates the need for heavy investments to improve the in-store experience for shoppers. You can display QR codes either digitally or by printing them.


The QR code POS systems generate serves many functions. Being a payment medium is only one of them. You can use QR codes to enable customers to contact your customer care department, reveal discount coupons, and more.

Simple implementation

Implementing QR codes in your supermarket is a straightforward process. There’s no need for additional investments or marketing. By simply specifying the type of QR code you want to generate in the POS system, you can display the code in any area in your store for better customer engagement.

Consumer behavior analytics

When you deploy QR codes in the supermarket, you can analyze how many times your customers scan the codes. You can also gain insights into the location from which shoppers perform the scanning. The analytics enables you to optimize code display locations and how your customers interact with them.


Almost everyone has a smartphone today. Not only can it enhance eCommerce sales, but also brick-and-mortar sales. By implementing QR codes in your supermarket business with the right POS system, you can digitalize your retail store and enhance the shopping experience. We recommend getting SmartPOS – the best QR code POS system for your supermarket. It is fast, feature-rich, cloud-based, and highly secure. Learn more about SmartPOS by reaching us today.

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