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How POS Systems Are Helping Pharmacies Keep Up With The Pandemic

Posted by: Amogh Balaji
POS system for pharmacies

How POS Systems Are Helping Pharmacies Keep Up With The Pandemic

In the wake of the pandemic, pharmacies, among many business establishments, are struggling to cope up with the virus-induced changes. COVID-19 has taken a toll on both supply chain and customers – two important factors that pharmacies depend on. One cannot do without the other, and to manage them both through the ongoing health crisis is extremely challenging. On the bright side, This unprecedented situation can be effectively addressed with a POS system. Here’s how you can overcome current challenges.

Inventory management

A great deal of people depend on pharmacies for various life-aiding medicines. At present, owing to the pandemic, the demand for pharmaceuticals is at an all time high. Because of the surge in the purchase of medicines, pharmacies can run out of inventory in a short period of time. With a POS software, you can efficiently track inventory using barcode scanners, view comprehensive product details, track dispatch of medicines, receive notifications when your inventory is running low, enable auto purchase of depleted stocks and more.

Address customer needs

The pandemic has caused people to stay indoors as much as they can. When they decide to come to your pharmacy only to be told that the medicine they want to purchase is out of stock can leave them incredibly frustrated. Using the real-time update feature of retail billing software solutions, you can present an online inventory database to customers. This helps them know what is available and what is not available at your store before visiting you.

Manage staff

With new pandemic-induced standard operating procedures in effect, you may not be able to have as many employees at your store as you could before. But you will need all the help you can get from your employees. On implementing a point of sale software in your pharmacy, you will be able to manage employee leaves, record work hours, analyze performance and schedule working days.

Contactless payments

Because of the pandemic, contactless payments are widely encouraged. If your pharmacy only accepts cash, then it is high time you upgrade your payment technology. By using a POS solution, you can effortlessly accept wireless payments like mobile wallet payments.

Keep customers informed

You may be uncertain of when medicine stocks will arrive, what the demand for your products will be and more. But it helps to keep your customers informed about everything that you are doing at the store. POS systems help you send bulk messages and notifications to customers. Using this feature, you can convey new arrivals, discounts and more to customers.


The pandemic has impacted several industries. Healthcare is the most affected industry. While hospitals are working overtime to treat COVID-19 stricken patients, pharmacies are facing excruciating challenges as well. The best way to address them and keep up with the ongoing pandemic is to employ a point of sale software. Get SmartPOS. It is the most secure, feature-rich, cloud-enabled and robust POS solution. Contact us to know more.

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