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How To Give Customers A Hassle-Free Billing Experience?

Posted by: Amogh Balaji
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How To Give Customers A Hassle-Free Billing Experience?

It is immensely frustrating for customers to stand in slow moving billing queues. Your store needn’t even have a large crowd, and you may still manage to rack up a long line at the billing counter. The most common reasons for this issue are slow billing systems, network outages and payment problems. Add the pandemic to these woes and you now have to factor in social distancing and contactless payments as well. If your billing methodology is unable to handle all of these challenges, then you’re going to witness a downfall in sales.

Customers want to shop at a place where they can quickly check in, get what they want and exit satisfied. By improving billing speeds and accuracy, you can enhance customer experience and garner more footfalls and profit. The best way you can achieve this endeavor is by implementing a point of sale software solution. Read on to know how you can give your customers a hassle-free billing experience.

What POS software can do?

In today’s digital era, technology is advancing at an accelerated pace to simplify day-to-day business functions. In the retail industry, point of sale software is the answer to increased productivity, inventory management and accounting. Besides seamless billing, it also streamlines multiple retail operations into a linear workflow that can be easily monitored and controlled from the software. Here’s everything that POS does to help customers checkout faster and with satisfaction.

Multiple billing counters

Having multiple billing counters isn’t going to help shorten the length of billing queues. You may continue to have billing problems such as syncing up information, asking another employee for help, slow processing speeds and more.

POS systems centralize product information. If you make any changes to a product’s price, it gets synchronized across all your databases. The software is also capable of instantly retrieving detailed product information like expiry date and date of manufacture. In case the products have a discount, the POS will automatically apply the discount and calculate the final price.

Barcode scanner

Manually typing product information and price in a billing software is time-consuming. It is also highly prone to errors in the form of typos. This can significantly slow down the checkout process for customers.

POS solutions on the other hand can print barcode tags and integrate with barcode scanners. When customers need to checkout, their items can simply be scanned. By doing so, product information gets instantly uploaded to the customer’s cart.

Choice of receipt

Printing hard copies of bills is a costly affair. Having to change receipt paper rolls and calibrating ink is all a tedious process, especially when you need to do those things in the middle of billing.

Instead, you can offer customers the choice to opt for e-bills. POS software can send comprehensive receipts via both SMS and Email.

Multiple payment gateways

A major circumstance that makes customers wait is the lack of change. In this situation, you may find yourself borrowing it from the next billing counter, or may refuse the customer’s cash payment.

POS solutions enable your business to accept multiple modes of payments. Besides cash payments, you will be able to take credit/debit card payments and mobile wallet payments such as Google Pay, Amazon Pay, etc.

Customer information

Manually managing subscriptions, discounts, loyalty points and more is painstaking. Not having discounted products in stock can dishearten your customers.

POS keeps an accurate information of what you have available in your inventory, what products have discounts, how many loyalty points a customer has racked up, personalized discounts and more. It can also send out custom personalized notifications to regular shoppers to make them want to visit your store again.

Summing up

The happier your customers are to shop in your store, the more number of footfalls you will have and the profit you will make. Beat the competition in your locality by implementing a POS software solution. Give customers a seamless billing experience that makes them want to visit more often. Get SmartPOS, the best POS software from SmartPoint. We make robust, secure, feature-loaded, tailored POS applications. Contact us to know more.

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