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How To Manage Promotions In Your Retail Store

Posted by: Amogh Balaji
Incentivize customers with unmissable discounts using the best Point of Sale system

How To Manage Promotions In Your Retail Store

Creating the right promotions can result in a spike in customer footfalls and sales. Whether you want to launch new promotions, customize them or track their performance, the best way to do it all is to use a POS solution. We’ll tell you why.

Track promotional sales

With a Retail POS software solution, you can effortlessly create promotional campaigns and offer corresponding discounts. In addition to that, the software allows you to track the performance of your campaign. Take for example you print discount coupons in the newspaper. Every time a customer uses one of them in your store, the POS software can track the number of times those coupons are used. The software can then consolidate the coupon data and process them into insightful reports.

Offer loyalty points

Providing loyalty points to customers is a great way of retaining them. Loyal customers bring in more sales and generate higher revenue. Using a Grocery POS system, you can offer loyalty points based on purchase volume. Say a customer purchases items worth Rs. 500. You can provide a 1% loyalty discount for every Rs. 100. So in this case, the customer would receive a 5% discount.

Lookup customer data

When you provide loyalty and credit points to customers, you must be able to accurately track them. The use of paper-based or spreadsheet software-based tools makes this difficult. On the flip side, a POS solution tracks and syncs up the reward points that customers use and gain. So when a customer purchases at your store, you can efficiently manage their incentive points.

Announce promotions

Point of Sale software solutions is incredible tools for engaging customers. What good is your promotion when customers aren’t aware of it? POS solutions do a great job at spreading the word about your sale – be it a Christmas sale, Halloween sale, or any other. They can send bulk messages to customers via SMS, e-mail, and even in-app notifications.

Create combo offers

POS software solutions can identify trends in purchase behavior. It can reveal what products are frequently bought together. Using this information, you can create combo offers. That includes “buy one get one free”, “buy two at a discount” and more such offers. This way you can enhance the prospects of your retail store.

Summing up

So if you’re looking to effortlessly manage your retail store’s promotions, then it is a good idea to invest in a POS solution. Check out our POS software called SmartPOS. It gives you cutting-edge features to manage your promotions, inventory, accounts, and lots more. Get in touch with us for a live demo today.

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