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iPad POS For Enterprise: What You Need To Know

Posted by: Amogh Balaji

Technology is changing at breakneck speeds. New capabilities in machines make overseeing and executing complex operations a breeze. In the retail industry, entrepreneurs find themselves catching up with the latest retail management solutions. More frequently than seldom. Because not keeping up with technology trends can make retail store prospects fall behind the competition.

The Point of Sale software application has evolved over time. It is not just accessible on desktops anymore. Today, store staff can use a wide range of devices to carry out daily activities. And the iPad POS is one of those prominent devices. Many stores use the iPad POS on a regular basis. Would it make for a good investment? This article will help you decide.

We go over what an iPad POS is, what its advantages are, and finally why it isn’t a good idea to get rid of windows-based POS systems. Let’s get started.

What is an iPad POS?

An iPad POS is a Point of Sale software application that runs on the apple manufactured devices – iPads. The POS is specially designed to run on the operating system iOS. Navigating and using the modules in iPad POS solutions requires swiping and tapping.

The iPad POS is much more compact in size compared to the desktop POS. That said, the iPad POS does not compromise on software features. It can perform the same functions as that of a desktop POS. That includes:

  • Inventory management
  • Employee management
  • Accounts management
  • Reports generation
  • Tax management
  • Customer management
  • User management

Furthermore, the iPad POS can integrate with barcode scanners, electronic cash drawers, Bluetooth printers, and more.

What are the advantages of using a POS on an iPad?

Using an iPad POS benefits your store in many ways. Let’s go over each of them in detail.

Low-cost solution

iPad POS vendors offer the solutions at competitive prices. You can purchase it without breaking the bank. With a modest investment in this type of POS, you achieve complete control over all your retail activities from a single device. As you will not be needing computer peripherals like a mouse, keyboard, and a monitor, it further slashes the cost of iPad POS.


The most significant advantage of using an iPad POS is portability. The device is easy to carry around regardless of whether you’re within a store or outside at popup stores. If you’re a mobile business, this advantage is of great use.

As the iPad POS is easily carryable, its billing functions allow you to attend to customers anywhere in your store. Whether they need information on a product or want to checkout, you can effortlessly perform both those tasks right where they are. The flexibility of iPad POS clears up space in your store. Because you will have no or few checkout counters with clunky desktop-based POS systems.

Better customer experience

Customer experience is a priority in retail stores. And iPad POS significantly boosts the shopping experience. Besides providing the tools to quickly ring up the products in customers’ carts, the POS also lets you share receipts via email. Furthermore, requesting feedback becomes simpler. So does tipping.

Easy to use

Operating the iPad POS only requires a few swipes and taps. Your staff can reach every module in the software within a few seconds. The ease of use eliminates the need to extensively train employees. That ultimately saves you plenty of time and costs.

Why you shouldn’t completely get rid of pc-based POS systems

Although iPad POS systems offer several advantages, you’ll still want to have some desktop-based POS infrastructure in your store. Because windows-based POS are:

  • Better to use for complex back-end operations like exporting and importing large volumes of data
  • Easy to replace. If the keyboard isn’t working, you can get a new one. Whereas the iPad POS is a single unit. If it stops working, you don’t have a POS.


The iPad POS is a fantastic addition to retail stores. The flexibility it offers is unmatched. You can use a wide range of industry-leading retail management modules on an iPad by purchasing SmartPOS. It is a top-notch cloud-based POS software solution compatible with several devices including iPads. Reach out to us to schedule a demo today.

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