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Lubricate Your Oil Distribution Business With A POS System For the Best ROI

Posted by: Amogh Balaji

The management practices an oil distribution business employs to oversee operations determine its prospects. Lubricants are susceptible to contamination easily. Comprehending their lifecycles and storage requirements ensures the maintenance of oil quality. It is critical to handle and store lubricants in hygienic conditions until they are sold.

There are many challenges in smoothly running an oil distribution business. Efficiently maintaining the stock is one of them. Apart from that, there is also the need to have the right lubricants at the right time, have enough employees at the facility, keep accurate tabs on stock quantity, and more.

Recording vital data in various stages of the distribution business is cumbersome if done manually. Oversights are a common outcome of using manual tools like spreadsheet software and paper-based tactics. The best way to streamline and improve your oil distribution company for higher ROI is to invest in a lubricants POS software application. We tell you why in this article.

What is a POS system?

A POS system is a software and hardware ecosystem that provides powerful tools to manage various areas of a retail business. It consists of an application, traditionally a desktop-based program, and a payment terminal.

The software brings crucial retail activities such as inventory, accounts, sales, and customer management into one place. This streamlined workflow enables retail owners and managers to gain a 360-degree view of the latest developments in the store. On top of that, authorized personnel can make operational changes with just a few clicks through the application.

Now let’s take a look at how this system can benefit your oil distribution to business.

There is a need to reduce operational expenses and improve operational efficiency

How POS systems improve the ROI of your oil distribution business

Inventory management

An Oil change POS software solution tracks inventory changes in your business. Any purchase you make from a supplier, and any sale you make will immediately reflect in the software’s records. It eliminates the need to manually inspect your inventory to see what is available and what is not. The application’s database allows you to store various details of lubricants such as quantity, manufacture date, and expiry date.

Proper storage of inventory

Improper storage of lubricants leads to quality degradation, making them unfit for use or sale. Using a POS system, you can virtually map where you want to store your lubricants. The application displays which storage units are occupied and vacant. This feature makes it easy to store and arrange lubricants when they reach your organization.

Management of lubricant suppliers

Locking into the best deals on lubricants can save you a lot of money while upping your profits. A POS solution offers the tools to effectively compare the pricelist of various suppliers, request quotations, compare delivery dates, and more. Not only does this feature improve your earnings, but it also keeps your business functioning without any interruptions.

Employee management

Lubricant POS applications automate the process of managing employees. These retail solutions track various employee data without any manual intervention. That includes when employees enter and exit the distribution facility, how long they take a break, and how productive they are.

Accept multiple modes of payments

Restricting payment options to cash can deter retail stores from purchasing lubricants from your establishment. With a POS software system, you can effortlessly accept multiple modes of payment. That includes credit/debit card, mobile wallet payments, and cheques. As a result, your sales improves.


Insights about your distribution operations allows for optimization of activities for better productivity. POS systems track data at various points in your distribution operations, collates, and processes them into meaningful information. The applications show which employees are top-performers, what lubricants are selling the most, and more.


The effective management and sales of lubricants requires a capable solution to streamline daily activities. Lubricants POS software is the aptest solution. It reduces operational expenses, boosts outputs, eliminates errors, and most importantly raises returns on investments. If you’re looking for a robust lubricants POS system, then get SmartPOS. It is cloud-based, feature-packed, and easy to use. Reach out to our experts to book a live demo of SmartPOS today.

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