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Must-Have Integrations In A POS System

Posted by: Amogh Balaji
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Must-Have Integrations In A POS System

So you’re ready to invest in a  Point of Sale software solution. You know what features would best suit the needs of your business. Similarly, do you know what integrations would be advantageous for your everyday operations?

Not all POS systems have the same integration capabilities. That said, you don’t need too many integrations. That would cause the price of your POS to shoot up. While it is your choice to have additional integrations in your software, there are some fundamental ones you must look out for. After all, a POS solution is a long-term investment. The objective of purchasing one is to improve retail operations, address pain points, and turn over a higher profit. An uninformed decision to invest in a POS application can spell disaster in the long run.

In this article, we tell you what integrations are a must-have in the POS solution you are about to purchase. Let’s begin.

How important are integrations?

Before we deep-dive into the essential integrations your POS must have, let’s understand what integration is.

There are many different types of technologies available today. Each of them has unique functionalities and aids in efficiently carrying out business functions. For example, let’s take a look at barcode scanners. They have one purpose – to scan barcode tags. You can use a barcode scanning application for scanning and storing data. Given that, you will also need to transfer the data from the scanning software onto a POS to bill customers. This takes up a lot of time.

The problem with using disparate software applications is it breaks down your retail workflow into separate components. The answer to that issue is integrations.

Integrations allow independent systems or applications to communicate with each other. They help streamline and centralize workflows, enabling you to make better, calculated retail management decisions.

Let’s consider barcode scanners again. If you can integrate it with your POS, you can perform scanning and management functions from within the software itself. So in this case the scanner reads the information and immediately passes it onto your POS billing software.

Advantage of integrations

Integrations transform business operations to a great extent. By ensuring that your POS software can talk to other technologies, you will have better data visibility. It also makes it easier to access multiple types of data from a single location.

Having the right integrations in your POS software is crucial. Retail operations require the efficient coordination of multiple activities. There’s inventory management, sales management, customer management, employee management, reports generation, and more. Without integrations, these processes would exist in silos. That would cause several bottlenecks and hamper operational efficiency.

Integrations your POS system must have

Tracking devices

Regardless of what products your retail store sells, you will need to manage your inventory on a daily basis. Responsibilities include keeping a count of stock in the inventory and arranging products on shelves.

You can effortlessly carry out such tasks when your POS software can integrate with tracking devices. Barcode scanners, GPS, NFC, and RFID systems comprise tracking devices. They allow you to instantly and accurately track the location and details of products.

Bluetooth printers

One of the many advantages of using a retail billing management software solution is that you can use it on the go. That means you can bill customers anywhere in and out of your store, provided the software can integrate with Bluetooth printers. They are wireless devices that can seamlessly connect with Android and iOS devices. This integration is of great use to hand out paper invoices to customers.

Card machine

POS solutions are capable of accepting various payment modes besides cash. If you want to accept credit/debit card payments, then your POS must have a card machine integration facility. A good POS solution integrates with a wide range of third-party card machines that support swipe and non-contact payment options.

With the card machine integration in your POS, you needn’t manually enter the payment amount customers have to pay. The software will automatically feed the card machine the total cost of purchase. It helps save a lot of time and speeds up the billing process.

Cash drawer

Using a key to open cash drawers is a thing of the past. Manually opening and closing it after every transaction can cost you plenty of time. Another integration that is immensely useful to have in a POS system is the cash drawer integration. It allows you to control the cash drawers at your billing counters via the software. This integration goes a long way in minimizing the chances of theft and also significantly enhances accountability.


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