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Must-Have POS Features That Boost Customer Loyalty

Posted by: Amogh Balaji
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Must-Have POS Features That Boost Customer Loyalty

Having loyal customers in your store greatly increases your revenue potential. There is stiff competition in the retail industry, so persuading customers to stay loyal to your store isn’t quite easy. But when you use a POS software solution, you can make the right decisions to retain customers. As long as it has the right features for it. Let’s take a look at what those features are.

Promotion creation

Promotions are great customer footfall catalysts. They entice customers to purchase from your store because of the offers and discounts on products. Managing promotions manually is an immensely daunting task. That’s why you must ensure that the POS solution you want to purchase allows easy creation and management of promotions. It should have options to add discounts in bulk by amount and percentage, customize promotions, and more.

Loyalty points

If you notice that you have customers who shop at your store regularly, then it’s a smart idea to incentivize them. That will encourage them to continue shopping at your retail establishment. The most effective way of rewarding them is by providing loyalty points. POS software solutions can effortlessly manage this incentive. Using them, you can configure loyalty points based on purchase volume. For example, you can provide a 1% loyalty point for every purchase for Rs. 100.

Personalized notifications

Customers have unique preferences. And they purchase products based on those preferences. Suggesting products to customers that are relevant to their interests yields a high conversion rate. The best way to do it is via personalized notifications. With advanced POS systems, you can send product arrivals and end-of-season sale offer notifications via SMS, e-mail, and in-app notifications. Furthermore, they can auto send messages to customers based on their purchase history.


Giving your customers the opportunity to voice out their opinions is essential for garnering customer loyalty. Collecting their feedback gives you the opportunity to identify areas that your store needs to improve on. Point of Sale software solutions makes gathering feedback an easy process. The software solutions allow customers to enter their feedback using star or smiley ratings. Additionally, customers can add comments too.

Reports and analytics

You can optimize your strategy to enhance customer retention by knowing the purchase behavior of your customers. That involves consolidating purchase receipts and processing them to find purchase trends. With a POS solution, the software will take care of all the consolidation and processing tasks. It automatically, accurately, and instantly processes large volumes of customer data. It reveals information such as what your customers purchase the most, what they purchase the least, what products they purchase together, and more. With these insights, you can create effective promotion campaigns.


With these features in your POS solution, you are well on your way to enhancing customer retention. That translates to higher customer footfalls and in the end, sales. Our top-notch Point of Sale software called SmartPOS is built for garnering customer loyalty in no time.

Besides that, it is a powerful tool to manage all aspects of your retail operations. SmartPOS enables you to unlock new profit margins and productivity. Take your business to the next level by purchasing SmartPOS today.

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