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The Perks Of Switching To A Cloud Point Of Sale Application

Posted by: Amogh Balaji
An illustration of a POS system’s terminal accepting multiple types of payments.

Point of Sale software applications are a common sight in retail stores. They perform a variety of functions that benefit both customers and retailers. Functions include employee management, customer management, accounting management, and inventory management. POS systems make overseeing those activities way simpler and more effective than using spreadsheet software or paper-based tools.

Whether you’re using a manual retail management method or an offline POS, what’s even better than both of those is a cloud POS system. The cloud provides numerous advantages that can significantly boost your retail prospects. And when you use a POS that works over the cloud, you get to harness the software’s power as well as the cloud’s.

If you’re wondering if the investment and switch to a cloud POS are worth it, the short answer is yes. In this article, we go over all the perks you get by implementing a cloud-based POS in your store. Let’s get started.

Mobile operations

Being physically present at the store at all times can be challenging. When managers and employees rely on your presence to work at maximum efficiency, that can be concerning. Because without you at the store, your store’s operations tend to falter. Switching to a cloud POS eliminates this problem.

With a cloud retail management application, you can access the software from any device that can run a browser with an internet connection. It lets you work from anywhere at any time. Furthermore, you can monitor store activities and react to situations quickly.

Better data protection

Your store collects a wide range of data every day. Some of the information you gather is sensitive. That includes customer contact information, payment information, and employee details. Shoddy security walls in your existing retail management solution leave such critical data vulnerable to cyberattacks. Safeguarding your retail data is of paramount importance.

Cloud servers use state-of-the-art security protocols to block cyber threats. Cloud service providers deploy regular updates to their security firewalls to keep up the trust of their customers. Besides preventing anomalous activities in your POS, the cloud also creates backups of your data regularly.

Real-time synchronization

A significant shortcoming of offline retail management systems is file version variations. Creating and collaborating on retail data can be inaccurate if the files you’re working with have different data in them. Any errors that ensue are costly and hamper customer satisfaction.

Cloud POS applications unify and sync retail data across all systems. There are no variations. For example, let’s say you have multiple stores, and change the price of a product in your inventory. After changing it, the POS database across all your stores and systems will display the new price.

Lesser expenses

The operational and maintenance costs of an on-premise POS solution are high. After the initial investment in the software, there are hardware costs. All of this takes up space in the store. And as you run daily operations, you will need to call experts to do regular maintenance on the POS system.

On the other hand, with a cloud-based POS software application, the cloud service providers take care of the maintenance. The resources in the cloud power up the software instead of on-premise hardware. And the software resolves any glitches or bugs by automatically updating itself whenever developers deploy a software patch.

Greater productivity

The difficulties of operating management tools, data silos, immobility are all root causes of a dip in productivity. That in turn leads to discrepancies in inventory management, customer management, suppliers management, and more.

With a cloud POS, your retail data will seamlessly synchronize across all your systems. It lets you make critical business decisions quickly. The software also provides notifications and alerts to keep you on your toes. Altogether the productivity of your store drastically increases, allowing you to outperform your competitors.


The advantages of a cloud-based POS billing software application can propel your business to new heights. It is a powerful solution to curb unnecessary expenses, gain mobility, and boost profit margins. Improve the ROI of your retail store by getting SmartPOS. It is the ultimate cloud-based POS application that has flexible pricing. Reach out to us to know more about SmartPOS.

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