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Top 20 Supermarket Billing Software In India For Boosting Retail Operations

Posted by: Amogh Balaji
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Supermarkets are thriving retail spaces where customers can shop for a large variety of goods. The operational complexity of these establishments differs from store to store. Supermarkets that employ lean retail management tactics win over those that don’t. They operate with greater efficiency and cut operating costs significantly.

Inefficiency in carrying out activities in the supermarket leads to heavy losses. Bottlenecks in inventory management, the billing process, and accounting are some of the prime reasons for store prospects to stall. They not only cause the speed and accuracy of store operations to falter, but they also hamper customer satisfaction.

So the question in focus here is, how do you minimize losses and boost retail operations? The answer is to invest in a supermarket billing system. In this article, we have put together 20 top supermarket billing software you can purchase in India. Let’s go over each one of them in detail.

Qualities of a top-notch supermarket billing solution

Before we dive into the top 20 list, let’s touch on what factors make up a cutting-edge supermarket billing application. There are many software development companies that offer this software, but they are not the same. Looking for certain qualities in the supermarket software you are about to purchase can save you from complications in the long run. The following are some qualities top supermarket billing applications have in common:

  • Customizable invoices – One of the primary functions of billing software solutions is to generate invoices. Leading applications provide invoice templates and also allow customization of billing details.
  • GST-compliant features – Filing and abiding by GST norms is crucial to avoid hefty fines and legal complications. Billing applications reduce the complexity of this process. They offer the tools to directly upload GST data to the GST portal, accurately calculate GST values, and export GST information.
  • Integration with SMS and Whatsapp – While paper invoices thrive, electronic invoices are taking over quickly. That means sharing invoices with customers via SMS and Whatsapp. It is a must-have feature in any modern supermarket billing software.
  • Multiple payment modes – Customers today are increasingly purchasing goods with cashless payment modes. They include debit/credit card and mobile wallet payments. A good billing solution accepts these payments, improving the customer journey.
  • Inventory management – Besides generating invoices and accepting payments, billing software solutions are capable of managing inventory. They autodetect stock quantity in real-time, issue alerts for low stocks, and more.
  • Business reports – As many transactions occur through the billing software, it must be capable of consolidating and processing them into insightful reports. They help you optimize supermarket activities for higher returns on investment.

Advantages of investing in supermarket billing software

There are many advantages to using a supermarket billing system in your business. It is crucial to adopt it in this day and age, as it speeds up invoicing, inventory management, and more. Overall, it improves the profitability of your business. Let’s look at some more advantages:

  • Automatic notifications – The software automatically sends out payment reminders, late notices to customers who owe you pending payments.
  • Design and save invoice templates – Easily change billing formats, create custom templates, save, and retrieve them.
  • Centralized control – Billing software eliminates wasting time switching between different applications. The billing application packs all the store operation controls in a single location.
  • Business intelligence – The analysis of business performance is simple as billing software applications generate comprehensive business reports.
  • Higher customer satisfaction – Faster billing process means customers wait for lesser time. That results in happy shoppers.

The best supermarket billing software you can purchase in India

Purchasing a supermarket billing software solution is a long-term investment. It makes managing activities in your business a breeze, provided it is easy to use. Many software development companies offer a diverse range of billing software for supermarkets. And choosing which one to buy can be overwhelming. We ease that for you.

Let’s take a brief look at the top 20 supermarket billing software in India. From the following list, you can pick the software that suits your business taste. Let’s get started.


SmartPOS unleashes the true potential of your supermarket. Right from inventory management to sales, billing, customer, and accounting management – this app packs the most integral features to simplify those tasks. It has an incredible, user-friendly interface that makes learning and navigating through the app painless. Carefully crafted modules in this system make managing every minute detail of a supermarket an effortless task.

You can enhance SmartPOS’s functionalities by embracing its integration capabilities. It can connect with a wide range of peripheral devices such as barcode scanners, Bluetooth printers, electronic cash drawers, and more. It can also integrate with eCommerce. What’s more, is that SmartPOS is compatible with multiple devices. This holistic, cloud-based software is the best supermarket billing software your money can buy.


Ginesys offers a comprehensive software solution for overseeing supermarket operations. Harboring a wide range of features, it helps maximize ROI in brick and mortar supermarket stores. The software runs on the cloud and automatically synchronizes any new developments in the store with ERPs and web stores. Ginesys is a centralized hub for managing all your supermarket activities.

Sleek Bill

Founded in 2013, Sleek bill specializes in managing and generating specially designed invoices. Creating comprehensive quotations, sending out GST tax invoices, and producing reports are some of the software’s best functionalities. Its cloud compatibility enables you to manage and view your supermarket’s reports and invoices from anywhere at any time. Sleek bill is secure and is built specifically for billing needs.


6DX is a supermarket billing software solution from intellect commerce. It enhances supermarket operations by providing you with tools for evaluating and optimizing retail activities. There are 6 retail dimensions this software focuses on. They are fast checkout, promotions, payments, CRM, coupons, and loyalty programs. It improves the store experience for both your customers and your staff.


Invoicera is a robust online invoicing and billing software app for multiple types of retail businesses, especially supermarkets. You can host the app in an environment of your choice and integrate it with existing systems in your business. In addition to invoicing, the software tracks employee activities, forecasts financial expenses and analyzes business performance.

GST pad

GST pad is a fairly simple billing software for various retail applications, including supermarkets. The software contains billing-related features like loyalty programs and GST invoices with return filing. Barcode scanners are compatible with GST pad, and besides billing, the software can also handle inventory management. This system is available in both, offline and online versions.

Horizon ERP

Horizon ERP eliminates day-to-day challenges in running and managing a supermarket. Data exporting, inventory management, and accounting management are some of the modules the software boasts. To make auditing a simple process, Horizon ERP is compatible with barcode scanners. The application is an all-in-one billing and inventory management software for supermarkets of all sizes.


Saral is a billing software solution by Relyon Softech Ltd. It streamlines accounting and billing for supermarket retail businesses. Qualities like user-friendliness, customization, and push notifications make this software stand out in the billing application segment. Saral can handle everything from inventory to business performance reports. This app doesn’t have a long learning curve.

Marg ERP

Marg ERP empowers supermarket businesses with its powerful supermarket billing software. Features worth mentioning in the software are GST billing & return filing, accounts management, and inventory management. The app seamlessly integrates with cash drawers and barcode scanners. Besides the software functioning on desktops, it is also available in the form of a smartphone app.


ProfitBooks helps you keep an eye on your supermarket’s finances, and at the same time, forecast sales trends and expenses. It is simple to use and enables anyone without an accounting background to manage store expenses. The software makes exporting and sharing transactions and other store-related data with ease. Cloud compatibility allows you to manage your supermarket on the go.

Logic ERP

LogicERP delivers a great in-supermarket experience. The software consists of three core parts: a front-end POS, an inventory management system, and a back-office accounting system. Some modules that are worth mentioning include the feature to map products on store shelves, manage customers and create discounts. CRMs seamlessly connect with Logic ERP.

Vyapar App

Vyapar App is a simple and secure billing software solution that gives you complete control over your supermarket business. The application simplifies GST invoicing/billing, expense tracking, generating business reports, and more. Vyapar app provides an invoicing tool for smartphones that is lifetime free. It is available for both Android and iOS.


HDPOS reduces the complexity of managing billing, inventory, customers, and more in supermarkets. Additional functionalities it boasts of are barcode scanner integration, a comprehensive dashboard, smartphone compatibility, and multiple payment gateways. HDPOS is pocket-friendly. The software is easily scalable and has great support. The reports it generates help optimize supermarket operations for higher ROI.


Growing your supermarket business is a simple process with BUSY billing software. The application has fully customizable invoicing, a cutting-edge tax and operations management module among many others. BUSY is also well known for its sophisticated inventory management tools. All of the software’s features can be operated via the BUSY smartphone application.

Saral Billing

Saral Billing software cuts down the time it takes to create invoices to a few fractions of seconds. It is capable of printing unique barcodes, displaying stock data through a comprehensive dashboard, and more. To prevent billing errors, the software shows alerts. For example, when there are repeat items in the invoice. Group pricing, discounts, and MRP configuration are some other billing-related functions the software can create and do.

Just Billing

Ease your supermarket business with Just Billing – the modern billing software. It is a powerful application for reconciling store inventory, accepting multiple modes of payments, and hassle-free GST invoicing. Furthermore, the software allows you to track all your purchases, expenses, and discounts. Also available as a smartphone app, Just Billing aims to help grow your supermarket prospects.

Reach Supermarket Software

Comprehensively manage everything from inventory management to invoices with Reach Supermarket Software. World-class modules like barcode management, accounting, and customer loyalty management are some of what the software packs. It offers users a centralized billing software solution to manage all supermarket-related operations. Invoice modes include paper-based and electronic channels such as SMS and e-mail.


VasyERP is a complete supermarket billing software solution. It is cloud-based and built to manage every activity in your supermarket. Small and medium enterprises can largely benefit from this application. VasyERP streamlines the entire retail experience with features like UPI integration, WhatsApp integration, stock transfers, payment reminders, and more. It also allows its users to seamlessly manage multiple supermarket outlets from a single location.

GOFRUGAL’s Supermarket software

With GOFRUGAL’s supermarket software, you can gain full control of all your supermarket chain stores. The application is loaded with features for generating reports, comparing them, configuring prices, automating operations, and more. Notably, this system helps make crucial decisions. Improving the quality of daily activities in your supermarket is what GOFRUGAL’s supermarket software specializes in.

SAN Software’s Supermarket Billing Software

SAN software’s Supermarket Billing Software is a wholesale billing application that functions both online and offline. It is built for supermarkets of all sizes- small, mid, and large-scale stores. The application primarily focuses on inventory management. For that, it supports cash drawer, barcode scanners, and weighing scale integrations. This software has a user-friendly interface and helps significantly improve the potential of supermarkets.


There are many excellent supermarket billing software solutions you can purchase in India. The list in this article contains the top 20. Investing and adopting one into your supermarket helps boost your operations to a whole another level. We highly recommend purchasing SmartPOS. It is the leading supermarket POS & billing software in India.

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