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What You Need To Know About Order Management In Retail

Posted by: Amogh Balaji

Shopping on eCommerce websites is incredibly convenient for customers. A few pages of browsing and a click gets customers what they want to their doorsteps. The retail store that fulfills this order undertakes a series of measures to complete the order request. The way a store executes the order management process influences customer satisfaction and business prospects.

If you’re thinking about starting up an eCommerce business or want to offer doorstep deliveries in your existing store, then this article is for you. We briefly cover what order management is and what happens during the process. Furthermore, we discuss how you can improve order management in retail. Let’s get started.

What is order management?

Order management refers to all the events taking place from when a customer places an order until the time the products are in their possession. Conventionally, retailers use manual systems to see that goods reach customer locations on time. However, there are a lot of downsides to overseeing orders manually.

The best way to manage orders is with a Point of Sale software application. It is a one-stop shop for controlling the most critical aspects of order fulfillment.

Efficient order management results in:

  • Curbing unnecessary expenses
  • Eliminate order-related errors
  • Better inventory management

The order fulfillment sequence

From when your customers place an order for delivery, there are a number of order management processes you will need to execute and oversee. Let’s take a look at what they are.

Order confirmation

As soon as you receive the order from a customer, you will need to send out a confirmation. E-mail and SMS are popular communication channels. At the same time, send a copy of the acknowledgment to your warehouse team to initiate the fulfillment process.

Pick item

In the next step, your fulfillment team will need to retrieve the ordered item from the warehouse. Locating items is an easy task when you have a POS system. Ultimately, it saves time and speeds up the order fulfillment sequence.


After picking up the ordered item, it needs to undergo packaging. With a container/box of the right size, your product will reach its destination safely. Using sustainable packaging improves business credibility and is safer for the environment.


Then, the ordered item is ready to ship. Before that, you will need to print out the shipping label containing information about its destination. Once the order is out, log the item in your records as shipped.

Order tracking

Giving customers an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) helps them anticipate when the products will reach them. Offer them an order tracking ID along with the dispatch confirmation email.


After the customer receives the delivery, request the individual for feedback or a review. The feedback will help you optimize the order management process for better customer satisfaction.

How to improve order management in your retail business?

There are a few ways you can increase the efficiency of your order management processes. That will result in higher customer satisfaction and lead to a higher rate of customer retention. Let’s take a look at them.

Speed up delivery

You can speed up delivery by establishing your warehouses in different geographical locations. So when a customer places an order, you can dispatch the goods from the nearest warehouse to the customer.

Keep fraudulent orders in check

Avoid initiating the order management process as soon as you receive an order request. Give it an hour or two. Doing so helps prevent fulfilling fraudulent purchase orders.

Use an order management system

Manually overseeing the entire order management process is tasking. Using a dedicated software application helps you control inventory, fulfillment, sales, and more from a single location.


There is a lot of competition in the product delivery segment. The faster and more accurate your order management process is, the more customers your business will attract. Are you looking for a world-class order management system? Then get SmartPOS. It is loaded with industry-leading features, is fast, secure, and cloud-based. Learn more about SmartPOS – the best cloud-based POS software by contacting us today.

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