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What Your Footwear Store Needs To Succeed in 2021

Posted by: Amogh Balaji
What Your Footwear Store Needs To Succeed in 2021

What Your Footwear Store Needs To Succeed in 2021

Selling footwear to customers is more than just stocking up on inventory and turning it into profit. Stores in this industry oversee a myriad of business operations every day. Other activities that play crucial roles in ensuring smooth operations include the management of employees, customers, and sales.

To succeed, footwear stores require an effective management strategy to execute those activities. Spreadsheet software and paper-based methods are increasingly becoming incompetent for retail management. What your footwear store needs to succeed is a footwear store POS system.

Challenges in running a footwear store

Many well-known challenges prevent footwear stores from reaching their full potential. The most common cause that leads to challenges in this industry is a poor retail management tool. It could limit your store’s true operational efficiency. And in such situations, the satisfaction of customers starts to plummet.

Challenges include:

  • Stocking up on inventory that customers want to buy. Having inventory that only a few customers show interest in leads to losses.
  • Lack of business insights. It prevents footwear stores from knowing what aspects of their operations require improvement.
  • A compromised shopping experience. It discourages customers from visiting again.

How a footwear retail POS system helps your store succeed

Ensures sufficient inventory

A POS solution shows you what is in your inventory in real-time. When stocks run low, you can configure the software to do two things. You can enable it to send out purchase forms to suppliers automatically, or you can choose to receive notifications. A POS system helps you stock up on footwear inventory that is in high demand.

Looks after employees

Secondly, a POS software application keeps track of employee activities. It has the features to record the entry and exit times of your staff members in the store. The software also tracks the amount of productive time your workforce puts in. Furthermore, you can efficiently manage employee leaves and work shifts through the application.

Attracts customers

A Footwear POS software application makes creating promotions, discounts and offers a simple task. You can set custom discount values, create periodic promotion campaigns, and more. After creating them, the software accurately tracks them and shows you which campaign is gaining the most traction. Ultimately, this leads to more customer footfalls in your footwear store.

Speeds up checkout

Slow checkouts cause long lines at billing counters. They frustrate customers and impede customer satisfaction. On the bright side, a POS solution eliminates this problem. With its barcode scanner compatibility, you can add products to customers’ carts instantly. As for payments, a POS application can accept multiple modes of payment.

Provides business insights

Lastly, and most importantly, POS software gives you comprehensive business insights. It shows you what footwear is selling fast and what footwear is struggling to sell. Reports from the software also show which employees perform the best and what footwear customers frequently return.


A shoe POS software application gives you everything you need to manage every area of your footwear store. Investing in and implementing one in your store takes your business prospects to brand new heights. If you’re considering purchasing one, we recommend SmartPOS. It is cloud-enabled, rich in features, and is a favorite tool of over 150 footwear stores. Contact us to get a live demo today.

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