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Why Are Cloud-Based POS Solutions Better Than Traditional POS Solutions?

Posted by: Amogh Balaji
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Why Are Cloud-Based POS Solutions Better Than Traditional POS Solutions?

Technology has transformed the way businesses across all industries operate, especially retail businesses. The use of paper-based methods to track and manage retail operations has rapidly declined. Smart, digital solutions are replacing them.

Point of sale software solutions is fast, accurate, capable of automation and integration. That’s what makes them the most sought-after management tools in the retail sector. But before you invest in one, you must choose between different POS solutions types available in the market.

There are two major types of POS systems – traditional and cloud-based. Which one should you go for? The obvious answer is cloud-based. We’ll tell you why.

Why POS system is important

POS systems allow retailers to take charge of all their operations from a single, centralized location. Whether it’s inventory management, customer management, or any other, a POS system gives its user a host of tools. Using that, retailers can effectively track and execute various retail business operations. POS systems boost operational efficiency and profit margins.

It can be challenging for stores that don’t use a POS system to keep up with the competition. Managing operations manually using spreadsheet tools or paper-based methods limits store prospects. Because they lack automation features and simplified controls that POS systems provide. POS systems are one-stop-shops to govern all retail operations and improve them.

A reliable POS system is easy to use, versatile, powerful, and fast. It should make the lives of a retailer and employees easy. Complicated POS systems only cause problems. They stifle operational speeds. A difficult-to-use software will hinder productivity as it will have a long learning curve. So when you purchase one, it is highly advisable to get a minimalistic yet powerful software application.

Not all POS solutions have the same features. They can vary depending on pricing and other factors. So before you purchase one, it is crucial to assess what features will benefit your store the most. Having essential software features beats having a lot of unnecessary features. Ask yourself what operations you want to simplify. Then, you can land the right POS software in your store.

In terms of storage and portability, there are two types of POS systems. They are traditional and cloud-based. The latter is no doubt the better choice than the former. There are many advantages to purchasing a cloud-based POS system instead of a traditional one. We will further elaborate on that in this article.

Traditional POS software

Traditional POS systems store data on a physical server in the premises of a retail store. Given that, there are a few drawbacks associated with it. Let’s see what they are.


As traditional POS software solutions depend on a local server for storage and computing resources, the server requires frequent service and maintenance. Consequently, it incurs a great deal of additional expense. It is also expensive to add more storage to the existing server.

Restricted mobility

Traditional POS systems are not portable. You can’t even use them from a different site in the store. Only specific computers in the store allow access to business databases and software tools. The restriction in mobility poses several disadvantages that hinder productivity.

Cloud-based POS solution

This type of POS software sources its computing power and storage from a cloud server. This software is far more superior to the traditional POS solution. Let us look at its advantages.

Remote accessibility

You can access cloud-based retail billing software solutions from anywhere at any time. Whether you’re moving around the store or on the go at a different location, this type of software allows you to seamlessly use the system’s features, view databases, and more from any device that has a browser.


By circumventing the liability of installing an on-premise server, you minimize a lot of expenses. You can purchase storage and computing power according to how much your business needs at any time. It also makes scaling up and down an effortless process.


Cloud technology keeps all your systems up-to-date. You can make quick, universal changes such as modifying pricing and stock figures at the click of a button. This way, you can avoid discrepancies in billing and inventory management.


So if you are debating between opting for a traditional or a cloud-based POS system, the cloud-based solution is the winner. Are you looking for a cloud-enabled, feature-rich, robust and reliable? Those are the qualities of our highly acclaimed point of sale software solution called SmartPOS. Contact us to know more about it today.

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