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Why Choose A Cloud-Based Point-of-Sale (POS) Software?

Posted by: Amogh Balaji
Cloud based point of sale software

Why Choose A Cloud-Based Point Of Sale Software

Advancements in technology have taken several industries by storm. It enables businesses to enhance productivity, improve communication, strengthen security and finally, raise income. In retail, the emergence of POS systems has transformed retail stores. They provide the tools to carry out everyday activities smoothly.

If you’re planning on investing in a POS software solution for your retail business, you will find yourself in a common dilemma. Should you choose a traditional POS system or a cloud-based POS software? The answer is straightforward. The cloud-enabled system is the better option.

Especially in the wake of the pandemic, a cloud-based POS system is the best choice. Stores across the world are facing disruptions because of the coronavirus. While many suffer lapses in business continuity, there are stores that are coping well with the adverse changes. The latter manages their operations remotely. And that is only possible over the cloud.

Also, in terms of competition, cloud-based POS systems win over traditional ones. In this blog, we share the caveats of traditional POS software as well as the advantages of buying and implementing cloud-based POS solutions.

Limitations of traditional POS software

Although traditional POS software is designed to streamline business processes just the way cloud-enabled POS does, there are key differences that put it to a disadvantage. Owing to them, this type of POS software is fast declining from the market. Stores are quickly replacing them with software that can function over the cloud. Improvement in the store’s operations is the result of the replacement.


Traditional POS solutions strictly rely on hardware on business premises. The software stores the data it collects on physical servers. Employees can only access them by being physically present in the store. Furthermore, when you decide to scale up your business, you will need to strategically plan and consider many factors to add more servers to your store.

Excess costs

On-premise data servers are not only expensive to acquire but are also costly to maintain. Operating them requires skilled expertise, and if their service quality is poor, substantial expenses can quickly pile up.

Benefits of cloud-enabled POS software

Cloud-enabled POS solutions equip you with a wealth of modern features. They help you seamlessly carry out business operations. It is fast becoming a must-have in every retail store at present. Stores that don’t have it fall behind the competition. We briefly discuss the benefits of using it below:

Exceptional accessibility

When you use a cloud-based Point of Sale software solution, the application gathers all your data and software programs and stores them on a cloud server. It means you can access business tools and crucial data from anywhere at any time.

Enhanced customer satisfaction

As cloud-enabled POS allows business data access from any device anywhere, you can easily retrieve customer information from any store branch. It helps process loyalty points, process pending refunds and requests, get saved payment information, and more.

Improved retail business management

You can efficiently track inventory and receive associated notifications. They can tell you that your stocks are running low, that you need to take action, equipment needs servicing, and more. Cloud POS software systems can also auto-send purchase orders.

Multiple device compatibility

In terms of device compatibility, cloud-based POS software is unlike its traditional POS system counterpart. Traditional software works only on desktop devices. On the other hand, cloud-enabled POS functions on any type of device that supports a browser and an internet connection. So with POS software that can work over the cloud, you can manage your store from either a desktop, laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone.

POS system for small businesses

A common question that retailers ask is “do I need a POS system for small businesses?” The answer to that is, yes, absolutely. A POS system replaces manual retail management with cutting-edge modules along with automation. That makes managing retail activities a breeze. It eliminates the possibility of errors and speeds up operational productivity.

Small retail businesses carry out the same day-to-day activities as a retail store of any other size. They include inventory management, billing management, reports management, customer management, employee management, and more. Small retail business owners often misconstrue small-scale operations as something that spreadsheet software can handle. While it can, spreadsheet software limits the potential of stores.

Investing in a POS system for small businesses opens up a lot of opportunities. The application gives managers and staff members complete control of the store. Modules like the dashboard give users a comprehensive view of the latest developments in the store. Couple that with push notifications and retailers will never fail to notice bottlenecks in everyday activities.

The reports generation feature lets small retail business owners make informed decisions. It pulls in data from multiple sources, consolidates them, and looks for business patterns. On viewing this information, retailers can prioritize what is important in the store, know what is working, and what is not working.

There are many reasons for purchasing and installing a POS software solution in small retail businesses. Among them, cloud compatibility can be game-changing. By leveraging the cloud feature, retail business owners can take their business on the go. The POS solution grants its users access to its databases and tools via the cloud. Store staff and managers can access it on multiple devices, which are smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops.

Summing up

Cloud-enabled POS solutions will help you consistently improve business in the long run. They also help you beat the competition by giving customers an unforgettable shopping experience. Are you looking to purchase a world-class cloud-based Point of Sale software? Then, get SmartPOS – the best cloud-based retail billing software from SmartPoint.

SmartPOS is loaded with industry-leading features. They help run every store activity with precision and speed. In addition to several cutting-edge modules, the software is highly secure, powerful, and reliable. Leverage business continuity and centralized store control with SmartPOS. Get in touch with us to book a live demo today.

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