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Why Purchase A Mobile-Friendly POS Solution?

Posted by: Amogh Balaji
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Why Purchase A Mobile-Friendly POS Solution?

There are two types of POS software. One is desktop-based POS solutions, and the other is mobile-friendly POS solutions. Both of them are advantageous in their own ways. In this article, we briefly discuss the benefits of using mobile retail billing software solutions. Let’s begin.


Mobile POS systems do not compromise on functionality. They can seamlessly connect with hardware devices for smooth operations. For scanning barcode tags, mobile POS solutions have an in-built barcode scanner. They use the phone’s camera to retrieve information from the barcodes. For printing receipts, the mobile app can connect with wireless printers. For accepting card payments, the app can link up with card reader devices.

Manage on-the-go

Using a mobile POS solution, you will have access to all your retail data at any time. More importantly, you can access them from anywhere. All of the software features that are available on the desktop application, will also be available on the smartphone software. So you can efficiently manage inventory, accounts, customers, employees, reports, and more.

Inexpensive solution

Desktop POS software solutions require a computer with enough processing power to run them. It can be quite expensive. Smartphone and tablet devices that can support POS applications cost relatively cheaper. Mobile POS solutions require a far lesser investment compared to the desktop versions of the software.

Easy to use

Desktop POS applications are fairly simple to use, and mobile retail billing software solutions are even easier to operate. All the latter requires for operation is a few taps and swipes. The thumb-friendliness of the app enables you to effortlessly use all the crucial aspects of your POS software.

Summing up

Whether you plan on purchasing a mobile-friendly POS solution in addition to a desktop version, or the mobile version only, it is a wise investment. The portability of mobile POS software allows your business to operate with maximum flexibility. That results in higher returns on investment.

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