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Specialized Distribution POS software

Seamlessly connect with distributors and dealers with SmartPOS. Conduct top-quality distribution operations with accuracy and speed. Contact us today.

Sell more faster by creating the best deals

The transfer of products from producers to end consumers is largely facilitated by distribution channels. No matter what type of goods you specialize in, be it agricultural products, books, chemicals or any other product, their scope in the market relies on how efficiently they are distributed. 

The movement of goods from your warehouse to other distributors and dealers must be carefully monitored and regulated. By doing so, their qualities can be preserved throughout the transfer process. Moreover it is imperative to adhere to a fixed delivery timeframe. Efficiently manage your distribution operations and ensure that your customers are satisfied with our POS for specialized distribution – SmartPOS.

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Seamlessly manage your distribution business

SmartPOS offers comprehensive solutions that enable you to take complete charge of your business activities.

  • Configure the price of your products
    Set up product prices based on geographical locations, branches and specific to different customer types such as corporate, retail and wholesale. Generate comprehensive invoices that contain a breakdown of the bill along with tax additions.
  • Manage offers
    Improve customer loyalty with a variety of schemes and offers you can create and store in our POS system. Create offers and discounts according to locations, customer type and the volume of goods your customers purchase from you.
  • Manage inventory
    View what stocks you have in your inventory in real-time. SmartPOS can generate barcodes and QR codes for any number of product categories. Efficiently manage your inventory by tracking them with barcode scanners. Perform quick stock audits, map stocks to shelves and more.
SmartPOS POS system
  • Fully secure
    SmartPOS is sculpted with the latest security protocols. All your crucial operations data is safely backed up on a cloud server that deflects anomalous activities like hacks. Manage user roles and privileges in the software and control the opening and closing of cash drawers remotely.
  • Comprehensive reports
    Get elaborate statistics and reports on how well your distribution business is doing in terms of productivity, sales and overall business performance. Reward employees based on their efficiency reports. View detailed reports on investments, purchases and sales.
  • Manage returns
    Efficiently process and regulate return order requests with SmartPOS. Verify return requests with invoice numbers, easily check your history of goods dispatches and expiry dates. Seamlessly refund customers according to the condition of goods being returned.
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How SmartPOS is the best distribution management solution for your business?

  • Generate precise invoices that contain essential information such as how many goods are being sold, how many items are there in a batch, VAT & GST, how much discount is being offered and more.
  • Seamlessly keep track of your dispatches. Estimate product damages and quality deficits during transit. Gain insights into how you can minimize product returns and ensure top-quality while delivering goods.
  • View all your business activities at-a-glance through SmartPOS’s dashboard. See information like how many products are sold, how many goods are in transit, active purchases, amount of revenue generated and more.
  • Offer your customers unmissable offers and discounts. This improves customer loyalty and will encourage your buyers to do more business with you. Furthermore, you can offer discounts based on the number of goods customers purchase from you.
  • Effectively track inventory from the time you acquire goods in your inventory until the time they reach your customer. By using SmartPOS’s barcode and GPS features, you can accurately know the status and whereabouts of your products at all times.

Features of SmartPOS

Increase your profits

Our POS software is specially designed to help distribution businesses of all kinds enhance their operations with the power of automation and Artificial Intelligence.

Quickly Process Order Requests
Handle multiple order requests with speed

You can display a wide variety of information about what stocks you have in your inventory, how many of them are left and more using our smartphone application. Buyers can quickly place orders and you can instantly process and dispatch them at the earliest.

Improve Customer Engagement
Enhance customer engagement

Attract more customers to purchase from your distribution business by offering them with unmissable discounts and loyalty rewards.

Sales Rep Reports
Boost the performance of your sales reps

Sales reps can know how well they are doing on the field by looking up their daily productivity stats and reports. This will help them manage their sales activities for better results.

Improve Customer Satisfaction
Increase customer satisfaction

Help customers find what they are looking for with a comprehensive platform that customers can subscribe to. Whenever a product they want is available in your inventory, they will receive notifications and alerts. In the same way, they can also receive promotional offers and discounts as well.

Cloud Technology Integrated
Cloud powered

Cloud technology allows you to store your data safely and securely. Instantly access a wide range of software tools over the internet. Moreover you can transfer and receive data at lightning speeds.

Reach out to more customers with online ordering

Streamline the entire process of attending to customer order requests. Be faster and more accurate with an online ordering portal.

Reduce Operational Expenditure
Optimize operation costs

Cut down on unnecessary maintenance and operational costs by automating routine tasks. This way you can redirect your human resources to more challenging tasks.

Eliminate Workflow Errors
Reduce workflow errors

Sending your goods to the wrong location, with incorrect quantity of goods can trample on both your operational costs and customer satisfaction. With our POS system you can eliminate such occurrences.

Efficient Accounting
Efficient Accounting

Closely monitor and regulate your cash flow. Ensure that there are no financial leaks and maintain accurate records of sales, purchase and investment.

Ram Up Business Activities
Boost business operations

Efficiently keep track of your inventory as and when they enter and leave your distribution premises. SmartPOS allows you to accurately keep an account of your inventory with barcode tags and scanners.

Enhance Customer Relationship
Strengthen customer relationship

Quickly attend to customer queries by using chatbots and creating frequently asked question sections. Such methods will increase the trust of customers.

Online ordering features

Our POS solution can perform a wide array of functions that helps enhance the productivity of your business.

Inventory Analysis
Product scope analysis

View elaborate reports that indicate what goods in your inventory are in high demand and are best-selling.

Increase Productivity
Boost productivity

Seamlessly accept order requests 24/7 using automation. Quickly process customer orders and dispatch goods.

Cloud Powered
Cloud technology integrated

No matter where you are, you can access all your organization’s data and software applications at any time using cloud technology.

Precise Invoices
Accurate invoices

Print reports that contain precise price breakdowns, tax values and more. A backup of your invoices are stored in SmartPOS’s database for easy tax filing purposes.

Seamless Accounting
Seamless accounting

Access crucial accounting data such as purchase and sales histories quickly using SmartPOS’s accounting feature.

Use one software application to control the operations of all your branches

  • Configure your product prices, set up exclusive offers and discounts with SmartPOS.
  • View detailed financial reports of all your operations through the master data section.
  • Efficiently transfer products from your warehouse to retail outlets by tracking your delivery statuses.
  • Stay informed about what stocks you have in your inventory, ensure that they don’t run out.
  • Our point of sale software enables you to efficiently manage all your employee records, work hours and more.
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Specialized distribution businesses that SmartPOS is tailored for

Agricultural commodities

Agricultural commodities

pos for Spice items

Spice items

Milk and dairy products

Milk and dairy products

distribution pos

Liquor products