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Accept multiple modes of payment. SmartPOS is integrated with the most reliable online payment platforms.

Complete transactions within seconds

Choose from a list of prebuilt online payment solutions and accept payments in just a few button taps.

Supported eCommerce platforms

Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology
WP EasyCart

Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology

Best-in-class online payments security

SmartPOS offers superior payments protection. It allows you to make purchases and sales through robust, secure mediums.

Best-in-class online payments security

Responsive support
Whenever you have a dispute with a charge, we at SmartPoint will take up the issue and resolve it ourselves. Our team understands that incorrect transactions can occur accidentally.

Such circumstances can be frustrating not only to you but also to your customers. Delaying resolutions during those times can cost a lot of time and money. We mitigate all these problems by attending to your payment concerns at the earliest time possible.

Fully compliant
We ensure that you and your customers are protected while making payments. Our software follows the latest compliance regulations and offers the best service. All the transactions you make, both purchases and sales, are shielded by multiple encryption layers.

This protection furthermore applies to the data our POS system contains. They include passwords, employee names, customer information, saved customer payment information, and more. Using our fully compliant retail management software, you can rest assured that your data is safe and compliant with industry norms.

Thwart fraud
Our system is designed to detect payment anomalies and halt them in their tracks before it results in financial leaks. Our software uses powerful Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms. They constantly analyze your payment walls and payment activities for any signs of suspicious activity.

On finding even the slightest discrepancy, our POS billing software informs you about them immediately. You can either manually intervene and block the issue from escalating, or you can let the software autonomously take care of it.

Exercise control
Decide who gets access to what part of your software with administrative tools. Halt your payment operations whenever you want to at the click of a button. SmartPOS gives you comprehensive tools for controlling every aspect of your eCommerce operations, especially payments.

To protect your store data from falling into the wrong hands, SmartPOS lets you configure user access. That way, you can allow staff members access to parts of the software that concerns them.

Mitigate Online Losses

SmartPOS keeps an eye out for abnormal transactions and suspicious activity.

  • Receive alerts about potentially harmful transactions. Prevent them from becoming a complication even before they occur. SmartPOS receives regular security updates so that its protection system recognizes the latest cyber threats and attacks. You can choose to receive alerts via SMS, e-mail, and even in-app notifications. Ensure hassle-free, safe transactions with SmartPOS.
  • Configure, customize and personalize rules that will suspend cards when suspicious transactions are detected. By accessing SmartPOS, you can configure the software to react and respond to specific transactions. For example, if there is a high-cost transaction that is about to take place, SmartPOS notifies you of such an amount before processing it. This helps prevent the misuse of payment cards.
  • Decide which payments you want to accept and which ones you want to decline. In SmartPOS, you can set up rules for what types of payment you want to accept. You can set the threshold amount that you want POS to process. Furthermore, you can also choose which bank payments you want to accept and which ones you want to decline.
A POS billing software solution for measuring KPIs

A one-stop-shop for all your sales

View crucial data on how well your sales are doing in the form of comprehensive text and visual data.

Keep accurate tabs on stock levels with our POS billing software
  • Elaborate sales data
    Viewing individual sales data across your operations is a daunting process. SmartPOS makes it easy to analyze sales reports by bringing all sales data into one place. You can view comprehensive information such as when a specific sale was made including time and date details, who made the sale, the amount your staff collected, and more. You can find particular sales data using the search bar and filter options.
  • Customer reports
    Manage and review essential customer data from a single place. Know what they are interested in, what they are likely to buy, demographics, and more. SmartPOS consolidates information from Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and processes them into insightful reports. View meaningful information in the form of textual and graphical data. In SmartPOS, you can choose what data you want to see and what you don’t want to see. You can also schedule how frequently you want to receive reports.
  • Advanced point-of-sale software
    Efficiently manage a plethora of business operations right from your store’s inventory, product arrangements, customer management to staff management. Accurately take control of every area in your retail store from a centralized software system. Make informed decisions that are backed by comprehensive data and watch your business grow to brand new heights. Purchase SmartPOS – the best POS billing software today.