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Risk Management

Prevent payment fraud by setting up custom rules that monitor transaction patterns.

The best eCommerce POS risk management solution

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Completing transactions online is a straightforward proeCommercecess. It is convenient as well. All customers have to do is enter their card or mobile wallet details. On doing so, they receive an order confirmation. The simplicity of making payments combined with doorstep delivery of products are leading reasons why e-commerce is gaining significant traction.

When customers make a payment, multiple applications work together to process it. Depending on the e-commerce website, the customer may either be directed to an external payment gateway or will be able to make the payment within the shopping website itself. Any vulnerabilities during these processes increase the chance of financial risks.

A broad range of issues can occur if risks exist in e-commerce payment gateways. They can lead to data breaches, hacks, and other such cyber-attacks. Not only do they put your e-commerce website at risk, but it also jeopardizes the bank accounts of customers. Incidents like financial theft or leakage of card details make retail stores lose credibility and eventually their customers as well. So thwarting such incidents is a high priority goal for e-commerce stores.

Because of such potential problems, risk management is crucial. It helps avert mishaps and maintain complete security. At SmartPoint, we understand this concern greatly. To help tackle it, we implemented the best risk management protocols in SmartPOS. It utilizes industry-leading security features to mitigate risks.

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Secure your payments

SmartPOS uses advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to detect payment anomalies. It doesn’t require manual operation to look for suspicious activities. Our Point of Sale software checks every transaction autonomously. On detecting potential risks, SmartPOS takes immediate action. It notifies you about the anomaly and halts the suspicious transaction. The action it takes depends on how you set up the software.

  • Payment Screening
    All transactions are carefully scanned for any signs of suspicious activity. The slightest oversight of transactions causes major disasters. And oftentimes, the detection of the damage is too late. That further escalates security issues. Preventing risks from developing any further is of prime importance. SmartPOS fulfills that purpose with precision and speed. As a result, every transaction you accept will be invulnerable to cyberattacks and will be secure.
  • Artificial Intelligence
    Intelligent algorithms that automatically spot payment frauds of every type. This issue can arise from several scenarios. For instance, a customer may use the payment information of someone else’s without authorization. Or, a customer may commit refund fraud by lying that they’ve sent a product back. Such events are illegal and lead to a plethora of discrepancies. SmartPOS can quickly detect and put a stop to them.
  • Risk Reports
    After every screening, the analysis results are displayed in SmartPOS’s dashboard. SmartPOS logs all the scans it performs. It then consolidates them and processes them into meaningful reports. They contain a comprehensive list of all the transaction screenings and their details. There are filter options to see transactions by date, by time, and more. By viewing these reports, you can predict the trend of suspicious activities. And you can optimize your security systems accordingly.
point of sale software

Nullify risks with cutting-edge tools

Fortify your business with SmartPOS’s personalizable risk management software solution. Safeguard your retail store from succumbing to financial fraud, hacks, and other cyber threats. All SmartPOS requires is a basic configuration. Once that is set up, it does not require manual intervention. The software system autonomously sweeps through every transaction that takes place on your eCommerce website. Accept transactions worry-free. Get SmartPOS today.

point of sale software
  • Keep A Check On Payments
    Get warning alerts on how certain transactions can be faulty and lead to fraudulent issues. Never miss the latest developments in SmartPOS. Choose how you want to receive notifications and alerts. You can choose to receive them via SMS, email, and in-app notifications. Furthermore, you can enable alerts that you want to receive and disable the ones that you don’t want to.
  • Block Cards
    Prevent payment frauds from recurring by blacklisting debit and credit cards. Maintain a list of cards that customers cannot use to make transactions. SmartPOS is programmed to not wait for manual input. On identifying events such as repetitive card use attempts, or repetitive wrong card information, SmartPOS proceeds to automatically deter the use of such cards. Even while you’re away from the system, SmartPOS can tackle such problems by itself.
  • Customize Rules
    Analyze the common ways in which payments fail and cause issues in website sales. Based on those patterns, you can customize your payment security rules. You can also configure how you want SmartPOS to behave in various instances. For example, you can program how you want our POS software to respond to repetitive card use attempts, unusually high transaction activities, and more. SmartPOS is completely customizable.
  • Risk Threshold
    Optimize when you want your system to accept and decline payments by setting a risk threshold. This helps prevent fraudulent activities. By setting a threshold for payments, any excessive payments that customers attempt to make will get declined. It helps your store avoid the liability of such actions from customers. Moreover, it protects your customers from accidentally making unusually high payments accidentally.