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Reshape your pharma and healthcare business. Experience improved productivity, more customer footfalls, and increased profits with SmartPOS.

Ramp up your retail business operations with SmartPOS

To sell medicines, special foods, diagnostic kits, and more without interruptions, pharmacies and healthcare retail stores must ensure that they have enough supply of what their customers want. Beyond tracking inventory, staff management also plays a key role in improving the quality of business.

SmartPOS is a state-of-the-art point of sale software that makes managing healthcare operations an incredibly easy process. With the help of AI, cloud technology, and machine learning, you can automate routine tasks. Minimize the time taken to facilitate your pharma operations, maximize productivity and earn higher profits with SmartPOS.

Point of sale software

Oversee all your pharma activities from our single, centralized application. State-of-the-art features allow you to make powerful and informed decisions at a click of a button. Ready to take your healthcare business to the next level? Then, call us today.

Boost the value of your retail business with SmartPOS

Monitor and regulate a wide range of business functions with the help of our feature-packed POS software solution.

Inventory Tracking
Inventory Tracking

Stock up on medicines and other healthcare goods regularly using SmartPOS’s inventory tracking feature. Whenever your inventory runs low on medical products, our POS software can automatically place auto-filled purchase orders to your distributors.

Take Orders & Home Deliver Items
Take Orders & Home Deliver Items

Quickly respond to customer order requests. Dispatch and track the status of your deliveries via GPS on the SmartPOS app. Increase customer satisfaction by prompting them to provide feedback on your service after the completion of deliveries.

Eliminate Human Errors
Eliminate Human Errors

Keep track of when items were purchased and sold as and when they enter and exit your retail store using barcodes. Generate unique barcodes for different medical product categories. Manual data entry leaves a lot of room for errors. Scanning barcodes, on the other hand, ensures the accuracy of information.

Staff Management
Staff Management

Efficiently allot employee working hours, manage leaves, view staff performance, and more with our POS system’s staff management feature. This way, you can always stay ahead of uncertainties and ensure that you are adequately staffed to facilitate smooth business operations.

Cloud Powered
Cloud Powered

Cloud technology empowers your business with a wide array of benefits such as lightning-fast data transfer speeds, data safety and security, remote access, and more. Improve your retail business’s management of data by accessing a plethora of specialized software tools over the internet.

Portable Billing
Portable Billing

Billing your customers is as easy as downloading the SmartPOS app on your smartphone. This equips your mobile phone with a barcode scanner and turns it into a portable billing device. Simply scan the barcodes of the products that your customers want to buy and print invoices using Bluetooth-enabled printers.

Operations Optimization
Operations Optimization

View how your inventory items are doing in terms of sales, physical condition, and more. SmartPOS’s elaborate business performance reports will give you insights into key areas that may require improvement.

Expiry Notifications Alerts
Expiry Notifications & Alerts

Stay informed about everything that is going on in your healthcare retail store. Whether it’s a batch of medicines that are about to expire or the status of medical deliveries, our POS software sends you notifications about such developments in your business via SMS and in-app alerts.

Accurate Invoices
Accurate Invoices

Your customers will receive precise invoices containing product details, prices along with the addition of VAT and GST values. Customize the layout of your invoice and effortlessly sync up changes in product prices at the click of a button.

Manage all your healthcare outlets using a single powerful software application

Easily carry out crucial business functions with our highly advanced POS solution. Reshape your operations with in-depth analytics.

Best POS solution

SmartPOS allows you to set prices for all your healthcare products across all your branches. You can configure them according to demand. The prices get securely stored in the software’s database. So when you create QR and barcode tags, they will contain the prices that you have set. This prevents a mismatch in the cost of the products.

Seamlessly compare the business performance of your branches. Know how each of your branch stores has been performing over time or during a specific data range. View insightful data in the form of bar graphs, line graphs, and charts. Zero in on what is causing the growth of branches and what is stifling their progress.

Easily specify the number of products that you want to ship to different outlets. Efficiently manage the stock of different branches. Transfer surplus stock from one branch to another branch that has deficient stock. The software automatically logs all stock transfers in its database. Ensure all your stores have enough items in their inventories.

Create product offers and discounts using our POS system. You can create promotional offers. That includes discounts on products, and “buy 1 get 1 free” schemes. They help attract more customers to purchase healthcare items from your store. They also help in converting ordinary customers into loyal customers.

Efficiently consolidate financial accounts. View all your purchases and sales in one centralized window. View all your transactions within any given period of time. Seamlessly get Invoice Reference Numbers (IRNs) on generating receipts. This helps you stay compliant with the latest policies and also to file for taxes easily.

Our POS software for pharma and healthcare is the right solution for your business

Get more out of your healthcare business with all the benefits that SmartPOS has to offer.

Systematically organize pharmaceuticals according to the type of medium, brand, and other categories. SmartPOS gives you a complete layout of your store. Using this view, you can map different categories of products to different areas of your store. As a result, your goods will be organized for easy finding.

Sign up regular customers and securely store their purchase history and other data on SmartPOS. Collect customer information like name, contact address, and phone number. The software also enables you to collect customer feedback on the quality of products and the shopping experience. Customer purchase history helps reveal what products are in high demand and what products are in the least demand.

Pharmacy POS software

Track your healthcare store’s stocks by looking up your inventory in the software. As and when you receive and sell items, the stock numbers get updated in real-time. In addition to that, the software shows you detailed analytics based on each purchase and sale made over a specific period of time.

Keep your customers informed about new product arrivals by sending them bulk SMSes. You can also keep customers engaged by sending them alerts via e-mails and in-app notifications. Using the software, you can send both custom messages, as well as automated messages. Enhance customer engagement and boost sales.

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