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Improve customer footfall in your supermarket and grocery stores with our supermarket software

The efficiency at which grocery stores and supermarkets operate is determined by how well their business functions are managed. That includes the management of staff, customer relationships, inventory, suppliers and more. By carefully planning and executing those operations on a daily basis, retail stores will be able to prevent a wide range of uncertainties. Using manual methods to oversee business functions is highly likely to lead to erroneous outcomes. 

In order to help eliminate business risks, improve precision, speed, value and finally the prospects of retail operations, we have built a comprehensive grocery shop billing software called SmartPOS. It harnesses modern technology such as the cloud, AI and automation. Get started today.

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Simplify your supermarket business and earn more

Empower your retail store business by using a wide array of specialized software features built into our grocery store software.

Mobile Billing
Mobile Billing

Turn your smartphone into a powerful billing device. By installing the SmartPOS application on your mobile phone, you can use your handheld device as a barcode scanner. This feature lets you bill your customers anywhere in your supermarket or grocery store.

Inventory Tracking
Inventory Tracking

Seamlessly track what is coming in and going out of your store. Using barcodes, you can accurately track details of your inventory such as when they were acquired, arranged on shelves and when they were bought. Precisely know where your products are kept, how much quantity you have and more using our supermarket POS & billing software.

Purchase Management
Purchase Management

Automate placing purchase orders whenever your inventory runs low on items. Find the best deal on products by comparing the product prices of different distributors. Efficiently keep a tab on your purchase budget, estimated time of product arrivals and more with purchase management.

Mobile Billing
Cloud technology

Step into the future of data management with cloud technology. It lets you access a variety of software tools and computing power over the internet. Send and receive data at incredibly fast speeds, securely store your company’s information and create regular back-up copies of your data with the help of the cloud.

Inventory Tracking
Offline billing

Don’t let network issues affect the efficiency of your business operations. Even when your network is down, our supermarket billing system is capable of accepting transactions offline. When the internet comes back on, it syncs up all the offline transactions with the server.

Purchase Management

Our SmartPOS software can be used on devices beyond just desktops. Our retail billing system can be used on smartphones and tablets as well. This gives you ample flexibility in running your business functions.

Cloud Technology
Digital Ready

Our supermarket & grocery retail billing software harbors a plethora of digital features like payment systems, biometric sensors and more right out of the box. Simply implement the software in your business and gain access to business boosting tools right away.

Offline Billing
Customer relationship management

Attract more customers to your retail store and encourage them to visit your establishment more often with our customer relationship management feature. Configure product prices, offers, discounts, loyalty programs and more. By offering customers savings on product purchases, they will come back for more.

Notifications and alerts

Keep track of all the processes in your organization with our grocery store POS billing software’s notifications and alerts system. Whether it’s a delay in the dispatch of products, low items in the inventory or a staff member on leave, you will receive notifications on your device via SMSes and in-app alerts.

Take charge of your chain of supermarkets and grocery stores from one simple-to-use software tool

POS software for supermarket
  • Our barcode billing software allows you to modify and implement different security protocols in your outlets.
  • Stay informed about any changes in the performance of your branch stores.
  • View elaborate reports on how your retail store outlets are faring.
  • Easily consolidate the amount of revenue your chain of stores have made over a specific period of time.
  • Control how much of your purchased products are distributed to different stores.

How our POS system for supermarkets and groceries is the right fit for your business?

  • Securely store the details of regular customers and offer them with discounts based on the number of times they shop at your store.
  • Analyze product sales reports and identify best-sellers.
  • Find which shelves your products are arranged on by looking them up in SmartPOS’s database.
  • Know how your business is performing by specifying a date range.
POS System For Supermarkets And Groceries

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