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Why Upgrade From Cash Registers To a POS System?

Why Upgrade From Cash Registers To a POS System?

In the earlier days, cash registers were a must-have in retail stores. They increased the speed of billing and prevented store cash from pilferage. While it assisted the transaction process in many ways, it grew old-fashioned over time.

Purchasing a cash register is no longer a good investment in modern times. Moreover, payments by cash are on a rapid decline. That said, there are many good reasons why you should upgrade from cash registers to a POS system. We’ll tell you why.

What cash registers can do?

It is not uncommon for retailers to confuse cash registers for a POS software application. They are not the same. A cash register is not a POS. The main difference is cash registers can only perform billing-related functions. Whereas POS software can manage various store operations, such as inventory, sales, customers, employees, and more.

The functions of cash registers are restricted to the following:

  • Store product codes and retrieve them for billing
  • Display total sum of purchase
  • Print receipts
  • Receive cash, credit/debit card payments, and cheque

These functions may be just enough for small retail stores with basic operations.

Advantages of upgrading to a POS system

By upgrading to a POS billing software application, you gain control over every single operation in your retail store. Let’s go over the advantages briefly:

Improve store operations

A POS system gives you the tools to surgically oversee and optimize store activities. An integral feature of the software is the dashboard. It gives you a 360-degree view of everything that is happening in your store. Add to that notifications, automation, and you have everything you need to take your operations to the next level.

 Accept multiple modes of payments

The way consumers pay for products has changed drastically over the years. At present, mobile wallet payments are highly popular. Cash registers do not accept those types of payments, but POS software does. A POS solution can accept cash, debit/credit card, mobile wallet, and cheque payments.

Usable on multiple devices

Cash registers are on-premise equipment. They are not portable. This can be a major disadvantage today, especially now that the cloud is easily available. POS software systems take advantage of the cloud. And because of that, it is possible to use them on any device that supports a browser. You can access the software over a computer, mobile phone, and tablet.

 Get store insights

In addition to all the controls a POS system gives you, it is also capable of generating comprehensive reports. The software consolidates KPIs and processes them into insightful analytics. They reveal what products are best selling in your store, which employees are top-performers, where you can tighten your store’s expenses, and more.


So there you have it. You are bound to scale up your store at one point or another. And during that time, you will need more software tools to efficiently manage your store activities. The best solution for that is a Point of Sale software solution. It can do what cash registers do, and a lot more. Contact us to book a demo session today.

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